Monday, 20 April 2015

North Pembs coast - Ceibwr to Fishguard

Annie and I did a bit of a hike today along part of the North Coast, nice variety of birds noted. Various migrants included: Common Sandpipers (small flocks of 2-4 birds in a few embayments - feeding along the rocky shore tide-line); plenty of whitethroats in song all along the coast (one female was collecting nest material near Dinas) - they do appear to get on with breeding as soon as they arrive!

Other species of interest included: our first lesser whitethroats of the spring - (birds in song north of Newport and near Dinas); grasshopper warblers were in a few places and also sedge warblers (near Newport and near Dinas). There were a few white wags feeding near the coast and a distant cuckoo was calling somewhere up Dinas Mountain.

Plenty of linnets around and of several raven nests seen. Most seem to have good size broods - one noted with five young, others had not less than 3-4. Canada geese noted nesting in a couple of coastal places - the one photographed has this small stack pretty well all to herself.

Nice to see lots of butterflies too, including several holly blues in various locations.