Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Stackpole coast & Bosherston Lakes this afternoon

Two drake Goosanders were feeding in the upper eastern arm. Six days ago two pairs were still present - drakes displaying. Goosanders often stay well into April at Bosherston lakes before moving on. It will be interesting to see what happens this spring.

Other lake-side species included 3 pairs of breeding herons (one nest has had calling young for over a week now). Grey Wagtails (occasional breeders here) were present along the eastern arm. The male was in full song this afternoon perched high up in a tree. At least 3 reed warblers were in full song in the Central lake reed-bed.

As others have noted, there has been is a good passage of whimbrels over the last few days. Small flocks were noted flying west over Stackpole Warren today, some were noted resting in the dunes, others on Broadhaven beach. In all some 150+ were noted during c.1.5 hours; individual flock sizes ranged from 4 to 32. It was interesting to occasionally hear bubbling breeding display calls from some birds on the ground as others flew over.