Monday, 23 November 2015

Lapwings arriving ....?

A flock of approx 75 Lapwings on fields between Langford Farm and The Close, Johnston, around midday today. The flock flew back, forth and around, spilling a few members at a time until all were on the ground.
I'd seen approx 45 yesterday, 30 or so the day before, 16 the day before that, so it's lovely to see the flock numbers building.
They are happy enough on the ground with a few rugged-up ponies, starlings, rooks, jackdaws and a mix of herring and black-headed gulls, but the occasional loud bangs from the other side of the farm where the new school is being built is enough to send them all into the sky again, presumably in search of somewhere more peaceful.
(Melanie Collier)