Monday, 14 December 2015

Possible.. Nova Scotia ringed American Herring Gull

Nevern Estuary, nr. Newport, North Pembs yesterday 13th December. 
The gull is to be looked for this morning.

See Sam's post below...Also a subadult Herring Gull with an un numbered pink wing tag

We are not aware that this is from any local or national project, and Wendy has found this link... 
Sable Island Gulls

Report a Marked Gull

Your sightings of marked gulls will help with this research project to monitor the year-round movements of these birds.  Even partial information is welcome (e.g. you saw a pink wing tag but missed the letter code).
Basic reports:
Date, Location (be specific), Band Colour, and Observer Name
Additional details:
  • Time & GPS position
  • Band & code colour (e.g. white on pink)
  • 3-letter code (e.g. AAZ)
  • Habitat (e.g. platform, vessel, pier, parking lot, beach, city)
  • Behaviour (e.g. following boat, loafing on beach, flying by, feeding)
  • Other comments and stories
  • Photos are always welcome and can help to identify the letter code
In North America, any marked birds or metal banded bird can be reported to the USGS website
Report your sightings of marked birds by posting comments on this blog or emailing Dr. Ronconi at . See links bar to “Other Gull Research” if you think you’ve spotted a gull from a different research program.

Herring Gull ‘AAR’ released after tagging on Sable Island

Richard Dobbins - Teifi Ringing Group