Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ramsey Sound/St Justinian area

We had a fairly early start, watching the Sound from about 07:00. Not too many seabirds of note but around a dozen Med Gulls were in the area in the morning, plus at least 12 porpoises - all heading south at the time.

As mentioned by John and Marion in an earlier posting, we noted a steady trickle initially of hirundines (mostly sand martins, but also a few swallows) but by late morning numbers were clearly building up. At one point looking high skyward - watching a merlin heading out after something (probably a sand martin - one having been attacked earlier by probably the same female merlin) it was interesting to see a flock of at least 50 high-flying sand martins heading north. They were way up (just about visible with binos). We probably missed many more that were flying high out over the sea.

The local female kestrel was also on a kill - a chiffchaff and was not going to let anything take it off her, despite the close proximity of displaying ravens. Later a fine red kite flew right over - after being seen off by the ravens.

The only other birds of note in the Sound were 3 tufted ducks, heading south (drake and 2 ducks)

Having spoken to John earlier, we decided to have a look at the Garganey on the way back and noted the two males he has already reported - a bit distant from the track but we managed a couple of basic record photos of one of them.

Sand Martins were feeding over the pool and passing through in large numbers - must have been 100+ in just 10-15 minutes or so.

A single wheatear was noted near Point St John.