Thursday, 14 April 2016

Marloes peninsula

Marloes mere: 2 Willow warblers, (only 7 inc these 2 on the whole walk this evening) one singing. 5 Chiffchaff. 3 pairs Shelduck. 10 pr Shoveler. 20 pr Mallard, and a few lone drakes. 30 pr Teal was surprising. The Swans nest seems abandoned as a Moorhen was exploring it. Ringed plover flying over. Whitethroat near Lockley lodge. Chiffchaf in Sachs garden and 5 male Wheatear on his bunker. Lots of White wagtails in the fields the one near Martins Haven had c20 and one back towards Trehill had closer to 40! Only Pieds were a dozen by Marloes mere car park. Flock of 50 Carrion crows. Gann: 21 Brent inc 4 DB. 5 Dunlin. 2 Ringed plover. A Common gull. Adult GBB gull mugged a huge flounder from a cormorant and after quite a struggle managed to swallow it. Oystercatcher with a red ring on each leg, the right leg had 04 on it.