Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wood warblers, redstarts and pied flys

Mike's post below mentions that wood warbler is a rare sight on migration - and it is also becoming a rare encounter inland, even in perfect breeding habitat. In the late 1990's the woods at Llandilo, Maenclochog held 3 to 5 breeding pairs annually but they are nowadays only seen here sporadically, and if seen at all, tend to only linger for a day or so. On 6th May a wood warbler flew into my window and was temporarily dazed. After a short spell it seemed to recover and flew off (with a new BTO ring) but seeing one close up was a reminder of what a stunning bird they are.

Two more stunning summer visitors that are associated with Welsh woodlands are redstart and pied flycatcher and happily both these species still breed annually, though pied flycatcher is definitely getting thin on the ground nowadays this far west.