Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Black-throated Diver at St Davids?

Arrived at Penllechwen  around 1pm and immediately I saw a strongly marked black-grey-white diver just off the headland. By the time I got on a solid rock to steady myself against the wind and take a good look, it had dived, never to be seen again. It looked like a breeding-plumaged Black-throated Diver, but... I am  beginning to doubt I really saw it. A couple of Gannets were fishing close in and around a mother and young porpoise, which kept me entertained whilst forlornly awaiting the diver's reappearance.

There were 3 female and 2 seal pups in the cove, and a recently born yellow seal pup in Porth Lleuog, with a pair or Rock Pipits enjoying the flies around the nearby placenta! Two Common Scoter were in the south of Whitesands Bay.

Inland was very quiet apart from a wintery flock of jackdaws and rooks, a single bright Wheatear, the occasional Stonechat and a Kestral apparently chasing a Sparrowhawk across the bumpy sheep field just over the lane from the golf course.