Sunday, 11 September 2016

Manxie mortality.

On Saturday I arrived on the Fishguard Harbour outer breakwater and was saddened to find at least ten  dead young Manx Shearwaters. It looked like they had flown into the tall wall behind me and apart from those already being scavenged by the resident gulls they were pretty much pristine. 

With big gales forecasted over the next day or two, it looks like many young manxies may be blown inland.
A few years ago after a particularly bad wreck we,  Sea Trust along with qualified ringers  Steve and Anna Sutcliffe &  Bob and Annie Haycock organised a collection, took them on board the Stena Europe (with the kind permission of Stena Line) and  after ringing them went on to released them in among large rafts of manxies that gather at this time of the year off the Irish Coast.

We would be quite happy to do this again if everyone else is.  I think ringing them makes sense but if S&A, B&A are not available we can just take them and release them. I  wonder if there were any returns?
Either way if anyone wants to plonk any manxies they find in a smallish cardboard box (Shoe box is about right) lined with some scrunched up newspaper  and bring them to us here at the Ocean Lab Fishguard Harbour we will be happy to get them on the boat and release them contact us: