Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Camrose, Haverfordwest Airfield and Plumbstone

After going to see the Masked Wagtail first thing in the morning, which was a slightly surreal but interesting experience (thanks also from us to the people of Camrose, especially Daghda and James), we went to Propellers Cafe at Haverfordwest Airfield for a well earned second breakfast. The airfield had more birdlife on it than we had expected. There was a Peregrine sat on one of the runways and the grassy areas were literally covered in Snipe. There were at least 20 on a single scan of a small portion of the available habitat so there must have been many more than that.

Later in the day, with advise from Paul, who we had been speaking to earlier at Camrose, we went to look for harriers at Plumbstone. We arrived just at the right time and were in for a real spectacle. Hundreds of thousands of Starlings put on a show and roosted in the plantation - this is a proper wildlife spectacle if you ask me, and there were two grey male and one ringtail Hen Harrier. Thanks to Paul for the advise.

Ed, Bee and Leighton