Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Masked Wagtail -- parking and viewing in Camrose.

                                     photo by Jon Hudson, the finder of the Masked Wagtail

I have spoken to one of local residents who is talking to neighbours re parking and access. If as seems likely that Camrose receives many visitors over the weekend, there will be a request for ALL BIRDERS to park outside the village to the north towards Camrose FC. I have just spoken with Roger Mathias a local landowner and the field where the Annual Vintage Fair is held will be made available for parking. Details tomorrow for weekend parking arrangements.
Whilst the stream of visitors remains quiet ...c60 today, then see below.

Please tell any of your members they are welcome to come and park in my drive, it holds about six cars and I have a box outside to put money into for my sisters Chemowize Cancer charity..all donations graciously accepted…I provided tea today and will do so for anyone who knocks at my door.

Great news for everyone
all the best, Daghda and James

SA62 6JF