Saturday, 31 December 2016

Angle Bay this morning

We made an end of year visit to Angle Bay this morning, starting at the Rhoscrowther end.

Usual/expected waterfowl were feeding along the shore as the tide ebbed. These included 800+ wigeon, at least 11 pintail (quite a reasonable number here according to WeBs counts data), c.1,000 dunlin, a small number of bar-tailed godwits, several golden plovers and at least 10 grey plovers closer to the Sawdern Point end. Gulls included at least 100 common gulls (they were almost as numerous as black-headed) and a couple of med gulls.

Out in the bay were very distant single great northern diver and great crested grebe. Both drifted out into the Haven. A walk along to Sawdern Point was fairly quiet for passerines etc but we did see a female common scoter feeding midway between the Point and Angle village. This was another very distant bird.

Later on we noted a "Belgian-ringed" black-headed gull at Pembroke Millpond. Unfortunately we couldn't read the entire sequence of numbers on the metal ring - possibly one to re-find in the New Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy and good birding New Year.