Friday, 2 December 2016


Finally saw this cracking bird this morning.  It was a bit mobile when I was there from just before 11 to around 12.30, initially feeding on one of the driveways of Sycamore Grove (opposite Croft Villas), then on the road outside Croft Villas, onto the rooftops, disappearing into back gardens out of sight and then reappearing down at Camrose Baptist Chapel (not far as the wagtail flies!).  No more than 20 birders at a time when I was there, but it would seem we could expect a fair few more tomorrow - although it is a subspecies, it is a smart looking bird, and a British first!

So with that in mind, and that there will be more residents at home & around this weekend, can all visiting birders please ONLY PARK IN THE FIELD AT FOLLY CROSS which has kindly been opened by Roger Mathias.  It is large, flat & dry (frozen mainly!).  It is also a very short, flat, walk from there to the wagtail's favourite haunts (less than 5 minutes).  Hopefully the map below makes it easy to find - there are several ways to reach Camrose but we suggest the simplest (& quickest) is to take the signs for Fishguard (A40) as you approach Haverfordwest from the east, avoiding the town, and as you pass Withybush Airport on the A40 towards Fishguard take the first signpost left to Camrose - the map takes you from there. And it goes without saying - respect the privacy of residents, smile and be nice to them, and keep the roads clear (especially if the bird goes back to the Chapel, the lane is narrow there).

Good luck & enjoy!