Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Gann

There's been a lone duck Wigeon around for few days now usually on the sea away from the main flock, this morning it was on the pool & with Brian's comments yesterday about an American bird there I had a closer look at it. Not knowing if the Birdguides entry was m or f  nor having seen either before, I was aware that what I was looking at could be influenced by a certain amount of anticipation,  the sun wasn't quite up so light wasn't too good but it  appeared to lack that rufous head that duck Wigeon have & did the area around its eyes look darker(?) When it flew briefly was there more white on the inner underwing(?) All in all rather inconclusive, I will get back later & have another look in better light  - if anyone is there in the meantime I would value a second  opinion!