Thursday, 15 December 2016

Waders etc at the Landshipping-Sprinkle Pill-Eastern Cleddau complex

There has been a recent influx of waders in the Landshipping to Sprinkle Pill/Fowborough Point area. 

Just before dusk we estimated there were at least 2-3,000 lapwings, a couple of thousand golden plovers and at least 1,500 dunlin out on the mud (quite a high dunlin count for this area). 

Besides usual smaller numbers of redshank, curlew and a couple of greenshank there were also several hundred teal. Their numbers seemed a bit down on those noted a couple of weeks ago. 

Across the water in a field above Sprinkle Pill there was a flock of c. 250 mixed canada and greylag Geese (probably in excess of 50-60 greylags). They were much too far away from our view point at Landshipping but we wondered if any other grey goose species might have been present in this flock.

The build up in wader numbers reminded us......following on from last winter’s successful and rewarding event, Clive Hurford is planning a second excursion in the field early in the New Year for anyone interested in brushing up on their wader ID skills.