Monday, 2 January 2017

Lapland Buntings @ Marloes

Joined by Derek, had an attempt to try and get some better views and, hopefully, accurately count the Lapland Buntings in the stubbles at Trehill (west of Trehill Farm towards Martin's Haven).  Succeeded on the first task, failed on the second!  With patience and if the birds are fairly close to the road, you can see the birds on the ground but it is VERY difficult (please view only from the road/gateways).  We picked up at least 6 including a smart male.  My strategy to try and count them was to take photos when the flock was in the air (they move about reasonably frequently) you can see from my best photo below, impossible - there are at least 2 in this photo....

A lovely walk around the coast and down onto Marloes Sands followed, and was delighted to see a Barn Owl just as the light was fading as I got back to the car, heading down the hedgerow towards the beach.