Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Stackpole/Bosherston Cattle Egret

Yesterday's cattle egret was roosting this evening (I watched it 2015-45) in a large ash tree by the rushy bay opposite (slightly south of) the Boathouse hide - best observed from one of the stone fishing points S of the Boathouse. Point'n'shoot only but......
                                                          Location shot (white pinprick!)
It has been spending the days (probably for a while now) with cattle on Stackpole Home Farm. As it's a huge farm with 1000 head of dairy cattle it could be anywhere, viewing opportunities only from roads or tracks depending on where it is. Chris James the farmer observed it two weeks ago and took this picture as the bird was flying away

So a big thank-you to Strinda Davies and friend for my first UK cattle egret!