Sunday, 7 January 2018

Newport Gulls

This afternoon, there were several thousand gulls at the bridge (surely a more congenial place to scan large numbers than Llys y Fran). Mostly Herring & Black headed, but more than 300 Commons (I stopped counting when they all flew up & didn't have the heart to start again). Surprisingly only 1 Med.
Several ringed birds. Unread were a Skokholm  GBB, a Norwegian Common & a BHG with a black ring. Read were Blue ELW (one of the resident Herrings), the Med which was White 372A (probably from Holland or Belgium) & a Norwegian Common white J7VR (which was ringed as a nestling in June 2006 & has been recorded in Winter at Newport in Dec 12, Jan 14, Feb 17 & today (& has no other records outside Norway))