Friday, 19 July 2019

Eastern Cleddau Osprey

On Monday evening, just as it was getting dark, I heard distinctive high-pitched plaintive calls of an osprey not far from Slebech. I had to help out with some bat-survey work in a building so it wasn't possible to confirm where exactly the bird was calling from.

Last evening (Thursday) Annie was out on a boat on the river with Jane Hodges and others helping with a shelduck survey. They were pleased to get excellent views of the osprey, presumed to be heading to a tree roost in woodland along the Eastern Cleddau. It's still perhaps a bit early for disbursing adults and juvs. so maybe this one (possibly a non-breeder) has summered in the area, as has happened before.

Some other observations suggested that there were good numbers of common sandpipers in the estuary but that curlew numbers were lower than usual. Jane has indicated that shelducks are probably having their best breeding season since 2006 which is good news.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Oystercatchers & Curlew

Great news Lisa about the resighting of colour ringed Oystercatcher 78 as a possible breeder on Grassholm. Also thank you Brian for all the other resightings. A couple of details, Oystercatcher A2 was ringed at the Gann 14/03/2016, however was resighted to almost the day last season 15/07/2018 spending the summer in Lancashire.
Curlew 06 was ringed at the Gann 03/10/2015 and has been resighted several times. Dave A has also provided us with a constant supply of resighting records including a Redshank which at the best of times is challenging to read a code on a colour ring at a distance.

Thank you all for your continued support.
Pemb's Ringing Group

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Grassholm Oystercatcher

First re-sighting of colour ringed Oystercatcher number 78 today on Grassholm. One of a pair vigorously defending a territory on the south side of the island, probable breeders from their behaviour.

Ringed by Michael and Theresa on 14th October 2018 as an adult at the Gann.

Not much else to report from the Exeter Uni team who have been out on the island for the last few days other than wood pigeon and grey heron.


Quail again

Anna was out early again and came across the Quail again in exactly the same place as last week - near St Ishmaels.

Monday, 15 July 2019

The Teifi

Two juvenile Med Gulls were the 1st of the year at the Webley this morning, Green Sandpiper and Greenshank still present on the Reserve.

Newport this morning

At last my first darvic ringed Oystercatcher - yellow over blue N0. Not from the Gann, but from a ringing project at Dawlish Warren on the Exe estuary. Also 2 Whimbrels & the first juv Little Egret, Med Gull & Herring Gull.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Marloes and the Gann

Young Lapwing was the only wader I could see at the mere, the regular 6 Swifts were absent and look to have moved on (still screaming around St Thomas Green, Hwest at 10pm). 100 Starling in Trehills fields near Martins Haven. 2 young begging for food from their Chough parents by the earthworks. Flock of 75 Linnet in grassy pasture just beyond mere put up by Buzzard. A bright Willow warbler in the Withies.
The Gann: As Dereks visit earlier but a breeding plumage Barwit was with the two Whimbrel, 3 Dunlin only small waders. Quite a few ringed Oystercatchers (A2, 10, 25, 49, 63, 68 all black on red) and couple of Curlew (06, 17 white on black). There were probably dozen more ringed Oystercatchers whose numbers weren't visible and another Curlew.

Green Sandpiper - The Teifi

Green Sandpiper and a Greenshank were both returning species seen on the reserve today.
c70 Curlew and 60 Oystercatchers in the estuary, and a solitary adult Med Gull at The Webley.

The Gann

A few birds around this morning, 2 Sandwich Terns, 2 Whimbrel, 3 Greenshank, 4 Redshank, a Common Sandpiper, 1 Little Grebe c25 BHGs, 1 Med Gull & 5 Chough - looked like 2 adults being harassed by their noisy siblings.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

The Teifi...

Four Redshank at The Webley this morning mark the return of another species of wader. 5 Shelducklings seen yesterday evening - an appalling breeding season, we usually have c30-40 in 2/3 creches by now.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Very sad but interesting record

Whilst walking the new path at bridge meadow with contractor, I noticed a clump of feather on the verge behind Morrison’s adjoining LBS builders yard, it was an adult Barn Owl.
It looked to be 4-7 days dead, and presumably a car incident.
I was amazed at this record, baring in mind I live opposite and never seen one in the area.

Castlemartin Corse, Carew

A marsh harrier - I think our first summer male who has been here for many months - was standing on a fence post in the fen meadow when I arrived. All-dark upperparts apart from white cap, also dark below apart from pale undersides to flight feathers.

Back at Carew Roundabout on the A477, a red kite was scrapping with herring gulls over small mammals as contractors harvested silage

Osprey - The Cleddau

A large Osprey hunting over the shallows near Weir Point this morning 11/7/19. Possibly a returning young bird or a failed breeder. Surely only a matter of time before they start breeding on the Cleddau.
(John Bearne)