Friday, 29 May 2015

Castlemartin Range Walk Sunday June 14th

There are a few places available on this Bird Group walk. Details on the Events Page of the Bird Group Blog.

Peter Royle

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Marloes Mere and Gann

Marloes Mere: 4 male Shoveler, a male Gadwall and a dozen Swifts. The Gann: 8 Whimbrel inc one with an orange ring on right leg / green ring on left, 8 Sanderling, 4 Dunlin and a Turnstone. 10 Shelduck.

Black Guillemot - off Cardigan Island

Out of county....but only just !
One seen very well, but too quick for photos off Cardigan Island yesterday - Wednesday.
Tony & Leo Barber, & Chris Wanless whilst out on a boat trip with "A Bay to Remember"

Skomer details of Black Stork (Monday)

Ted and I were on Skomer on Monday carrying out the LBB Gull eye-counts 
when Ted said in not too calm a voice- 'Dad there's a Stork', we both 
got onto it as it flew West along the North coast of Skomer, immediately 
identified as a Black Stork. Ted rattled off a few pics ( at about half 
a mile ). We then saw it turn North, but we were going to lose it behind 
a ridge. As we phoned others on the island we ran to the top of the 
ridge but never saw it again, you just wonder how such a massive bird 
can disappear so quickly ! At least now we know where it went.
We also had a beautiful S/P Great Northern Diver flying North on Sunday 
(Ted + Mike Wallen)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Black Stork - Monday

My partner and son and I were camping at West Hook Farm this weekend.
This morning (25.5.15) at about 11.30 we heard a lot of full commotion and saw gulls chasing a black stork towards skomer along the coast. They then worried it so much that it flew north out over the sea and then turned back towards the east until we lost sight of it. Sadly I did not have a camera but watched it through the binoculars and could clearly see the white front, black uppers and red bill. My first thought was that it was a heron but it was bigger than that. 
I spoke with the man at the NT car park about it a bit later. He suggested I report it to you. It was an exciting sighting, if rather unexpected!
(Anneke de Winter)
Birdguides have a report of a Black Stork over Skomer early afternoon.(Monday)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Report of Black Stork - West Hook

Whilst down at Marloes mere this evening NT car park attendant passed on the news of a Black Stork reported in the West Hook area earlier today.

Pied Fly & Red Kites

A singing Pied Flycatcher in the Gwaun valley was regularly visiting a nest box this afternoon. Also a Nuthatch was visiting another nest box close by. Possibly a second flycatcher singing in the same area briefly.

3 Red Kites circling low over the fields opposite Rosebush reservoir was very exciting to watch.

Derek & Krys Amer

Carew lesser whitethroat

Another lesser whitethroat, this time in the hawthorn hedge S of Carew Castle.

Celtic Deep in the mist

A belated report from Friday: we took a party from the Oxford Navigation Group out from Skomer to release nine heavily- instrumented Manx Shearwaters, as part of the project to understand how these birds find their way around when out of sight of land. We ended up nearly 30 miles south west of Skomer although, given the persistent mist and cloud, we only knew this from the GPS: we could have been anywhere!
We had several big groups of Manxies on the way out, and more evenly scattered in the evening. Plenty of auks closer in to the land, and several roving groups of Gannets came to inspect us.Higlights were two Storm Petrels and another far large petrel, with much longer, thin wings. In the swell and wind it was simply not possible to get a good look at the tail, but the size and structure were probably a Leach's Petrel.
4 groups of 4-8 Common Dolphins on the way back, and three Porpoise in the Wild Goose Race

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Freshwater East (again)

This morning 6 sanderling flying about and 3 common terns. One Tern was making a lot of noise and following one of the others, it had a sand eel in its beak so possible courting behavior?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Garden warblers, lesser whitethroat

Two singing male garden warblers (there are probably more) at Little Craig-y-Borion on the NT's Colby Estate. There is a little hotspot for them in the scrubby field downslope from the derelict farmhouse, SN160086, and in either direction along the footpaths that access Little Craig-y-Borion. They are quite active and vocal, surrounded as they are by blackcaps. A red kite was floating about overhead. The lovely oak woodlands in the valley below are well worth exploring. Several footpaths and a bridleway criss-cross the area. Parking at either of the car parks at Colby Woodland Garden.

A lesser whitethroat was singing this afternoon close to the entrance to the Mere Pool Valley, the wooded/dune valley that runs down from the road between Bosherston and Broadhaven South.

Freshwater East

This morning there were 3 Sanderling feeding along the waters edge amongst the 24 washed up barrel jellyfish.

Newport first thing

15 Whimbrels & a Little Egret were not unexpected. But 2 pairs of Tufted Ducks certainly were. They are less than annual in winter & I have never seen them here in the breeding season before.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Sandwich Tern

A Sandwich Tern near The Boat Club Newport today and 12 Whimbrel there yesterday (Derek Evans)