Contact By Email

If you have any information about bird sightings in Pembrokeshire or have a query about birding in Pembrokeshire please email us at

We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and, if appropriate, to ensure that your information/sighting is posted on Pembrokeshire Birds and passed onto local birders.  

In accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) any e mail address received or by the Pembrokeshire Bird Blog will not be shared without the express permission of the person using that e mail address.

Please note that records submitted to the Pembrokeshire Birds blog will not reach the Pembrokeshire Bird Report unless supported by a written record. See the Record Submission link on the blog for full details.

Contact by Phone

      07875 751461  - Richard Dobbins

07766 911069 - Dave Astins

07880 362365 - Mike Young-Powell

If you are lucky enough to find a rare bird or anything of interest whilst visiting Pembrokeshire please contact either of the local  birders on the above mobile phone numbers. Richard or Dave will ensure that the message is passed on to local birders, Birdline Wales,  Birdguides etc.