Thursday, 17 October 2019

Turtle Dove - Dale

Surprised to flush a Turtle Dove late afternoon from a stubble field just east of Broomhill Farm (SM811051) which flew towards the woodland just NE of Maryborough Farm.  Couldn't relocate it.  For those that don't know, there is a nice path now down through the woodland to Castlebeach Bay, a nice circular walk from Dale via Dale Fort.  Not a lot in the woodland other than a handful of Goldcrests, 2 Song Thrush and a few tits, but it looks good. (Dave & Lisa)

Iron Bridge, Newport. A few pic's from previous posts...


To add a species to our caravan list here at Pencarnan Camp, following 15 years of occupation, is a rare event indeed, so when a STOCK DOVE  flew into a stubble field outside the window this morning bringing the caravan's species total to 130, there was shared  excitement between us. A little later the same field attracted a HOODED CROW.

J and M

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Iron Bridge Newport.

 A couple of smart Little Egrets relatively close just downstream of the bridge would have created a stir thirty years ago. I still enjoy watching them darting about stirring the mud and snapping up small fry.  Above the bridge only bird of note was a single Common Sandpiper.
What at first glance appeared to be a small wader in a shallow pool on right hand side of the exposed mud downstream of the bridge, revealed a Water Pippit in my binoculars,  up to its knees in water!

Yellow-browed Warbler at Caerfarchell

A day birding around the St Davids peninsula, highlight a YBW at Caerfarchell, between the village and Solva at Brynhedydd.
Redwing at Treginnis was my first but lasted only a few seconds as it was taken by a Sparrowhawk. 15 Swallows on lines, 111 Mallard on Treginnis Reservoir with 4 Teal. A few Goldcrests at Porthclais which was otherwise quiet. At Penberry Quarry 6 continental type Blackbirds with some Mistles. Kestrel at Dowrog. A good passage of Skylarks and Meadow Pipits all day, particularly the former. C2000 Starlings. Finally a Wheatear at Longhouse, Abercastle.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Golden plovers, St Ishmaels

From Francis Daunt and family, 73 golden plover overhead at St Ishmael’s, heading south.


At Newport on the very high tide this morning, a Water Rail squealing by the iron bridge, a Kingfisher by the white cottage/boathouse and, from the boat club, a Grey Plover, two Dunlin, three Ringed Plover and 19 Wigeon.
(Dave Evans)

The Gann

Ten Little Egrets on the roost this evening - nothing else - all flying in from Mullock over a 15 min period, one or two tried to settle in the trees  but the wind had a Southerly element which seemed to unsettle them, when I left around 7pm they were all lined up on the water`s edge seemingly uncertain what to do.


3 house sparrows and a blue tit in the garden first thing promised much but ultimately delivered little. A notable southerly passage of starlings through the morning with groups of up to 50 at a time. A lone LBB gull in the GBB roost (now numbering 53) and single chiffchaff and goldcrest...and that was it

Lapland Bunting

Seemed liked a perfect morning for birding today, and it was glorious to be fair.  Finding birds was a bit more tricky, but the clear highlight was a Lapland Bunting at Martin's Haven, in the weedy field adjoining the NT car park (to the south).  Also a small passage of Swallows just ahead of a rain shower that moved in from the west (perhaps 20+ birds).  A Blackcap & a Chiffchaff in the valley, and another two of the latter at St. Bride's.

At Dale an adult Herring Gull with a red colour ring W:983: a Skokholm bird (part of an adult survival project) and the fourth we have recorded in the past few weeks (the others being W:960, W:970 & W:995).

Hard work at the Gann this evening, 6 Ringed Plover the only small waders.  Seemed more about this morning, with 11 Greenshank being the highlight, along with a single Dunlin.  Mediterranean Gulls were represented by 3 adults this morning, and an adult & 2 1CY birds this evening (heading out into the bay to roost).  Didn't see the Cattle Egret (or the Snow Bunting) today.  (Dave & Lisa)

Castlemartin Corse

After a dismal WEBS count last week I took another look to see if things were still as bad. Sure enough snipe had shot up to 2 (from 1), 4 curlew in the fields, 3 grey heron…. At least there was a female marsh harrier, a buzzard, 2 ravens, and at least 4 Cetti's warblers were singing along a 1km stretch (someone likes all that scrub). Water rail anybody's guess, maybe 6. But with no water away from the actual watercourse the place is simply not attractive to wildfowl or waders right now. Some charming long-tailed tits cheered me up.

Eastern Promise

What an unexpected morning in Camrose, nothing from the wild west but there was eastern promise in the form of Redwing, two days earlier than last year for us. Several groups of 4's and 5's on our patch. We have had a steady flow of Goldcrest, Bullfinch, Meadow Pipits, Blackcap and the odd Chiffchaff in the last 2 weeks so the arrival of Redwing truly confirms Autumn.

Monday, 14 October 2019


The first ring ouzel of the autumn was around the central ponds this morning along with the first siskins of the year overhead. Also of note a lone golden plover

Gann Egret Roost

13 tonight including the Cattle Egret found by Andy - at first on the lagoon margin before flying up to join it`s cousins - at this point there were seven in the trees then the rest flew in in ones & twos over the next ten minutes or so, MAYBE one smaller bird but as it was almost dark by this time, hard to tell. Interestingly there`s only been a max of nine over the past few evenings, so with the addition the Cattle Egret making ten what could make up the other three? Certainly has potential, though I`ll be there before seven in the morning they`re usually starting to preen prior to dispersing around that time depending on how light it is with the amount of cloud cover versus the rising Sun.

Cattle egret and Snow bunting, The Gann

11a.m. Cetti's warbler singing (partial song) in reed beds at north end of Newgale beach.
2:30pm: Cattle egret still present among the gulls, and a Snow bunting with pipits on shoreline.
from Francis, Dylan and Josh Daunt

Cattle egret, The Gann

The Cattle egret was almost hidden among the preening gulls on the shingle just above the footbridge. Thanks for the call Andy. There were 7-8 Little egret on the foreshore, these usually roost in the sycamores by Crabhall be interesting to see if it joins them or stays with its gull buddies?

Red-Backed Shrike

No sign of the Red-Backed Shrike this morning at Lydstep. I met Brian S there who had already looked and come up negative. We did another circuit of the headland together but again no sign. I then walked over to Skrinkle and had a good look around there but no luck. Very windy at both locations.

More on the Lydstep red-backed shrike

I received the following message this morning from the finder, George Hudson, about the red-backed shrike at Lydstep, 13th October, plus some photos - hopefully it will stick around somewhere down there:

"The report of juv red backed shrike at Lydstep point on 13th Oct was mine. I am down from Lincoln for the week and the worst possible thing happened, my wife saw the best bird of the week first! showed well down to 15 m at 17.30 .but couldn't find it later".


Red-breasted Flycatcher - - Skokholm

Red-breasted Flycatcher and Yellow-browed Warbler this morning

Cattle Egret - - The Gann

Cattle Egret on Gann beach with gulls at 11.15. (Andy Sims)

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Marloes Mere - Marsh Harrier

At 5pm Marsh Harrier, probably a juvenile, made a brief circuit of Marloes Mere putting up just about everything around. This revealed about 200 ducks, mostly Mallard and Teal, with some Wigeon and Shovelers, but nothing more exotic and no waders at all. It also encouraged the 500ish Herring Gulls to take to the air briefly before returning to their favourite field just south-east of Trehill Farm. There seemed to be a couple of notably darker Herring Gulls as well as a couple of Lesser Black Back Gulls in the flock today, but no Greater Black Back Gulls.

Goshawk on the Dowrog

Had a wander round Nine Wells & Porthclais which were both very quiet, but on reaching Dowrog Common, a distant Goshawk (looking towards Tretio) drifted across the scrub with a crow in attendance, it made the day.

Red-backed shrike, Lydstep

Report of 1st-winter at Lydstep Point this afternoon; from the NT car park turn left and walk through sycamores to view scrub on right. (per Bird News)

Fishguard harbour

From Clare Ryland - One red throated diver in Fishguard harbour just inside outer breakwater this afternoon at 3.30pm

Hen Harrier - Bug Farm

Report from Sarah Beynon of a hen harrier in one of the fields at the Bug Farm bordering Waun Fachelich

Hen harrier, Hasguard Cross

A ringtail Hen harrier, between Hasguard Cross and turning to Walton West on my way back from a very quiet St Brides.

Whooper Swan

Still slumming it with the Canadas at Newport.

Saturday, 12 October 2019


The second Red-eyed Vireo for Skok was found this afternoon.

Lapland bunting, Martin's Haven

A leisurely walk around the Marloes Peninsula to check the fields and bits of cover was hard work. A scan of a large gathering of Herring gulls in the fields near the mere turned up a dark mantle Argentatus-type before they all took flight. Lots of Skylark on the move with their chirrupy calls ever present this afternoon. Whilst checking out a very quiet Martins Haven a tiky-tik chew alerted me to a passing Lapland bunting as it headed south among the Skylark. A single Chiffchaff in Sashs garden. A young Peregrine treated me to a spectacular show as it hunted a mixed flock of 70 corvids. It flew through the feeding birds narrowly missing a rook and putting them into the air. The Jackdaws noisily gyrated as the peregrine powered up above them gaining height before plunging down on them. Back at the mere probably the same Peregrine was spooking the gulls. A solitary Goldcrest was out from Britton hide. See what tomorrow brings.

out and about in North Pemb's...

Yesterday afternoon Strumble,1630-1730. Blustery westerly, overcast only  10x50 bins. Steady trickle auks, Gannets and Kittiwakes (quite encouraging ratio of juv's) Two Skuas 1x pp Arctic 1 x dark Skua sp.
Today, Saturday, .Iron Bridge, Nevern Estuary Kingfisher, Jays Long tailed Tits, 5x Redshank 6x Little Grebe 2x L Egret, 2x Grey Heron,ix Curlew, 2x redhead Goosander
150+ Canada Geese, joined by a single Whooper Swan! (something odd looking about its beak but definite Whooper.) well spotted Fran!
From our Garden a large flock of Long Tailed tits passed through and then all took off into the air, slowly climbing to over 100 ft! at least 24 individuals . Never seen them flying up high in the open before


From Clare Ryland. The 2 RB mergansers reported earlier this week still showing well from the bridge , also 2 kingfishers , one common sandpiper,  one water rail and several little grebes. One greenshank down river from the bridge.

Whooper Swan at Newport

An ad Whooper flew in with the Canadas this morning. The Red B Merganser was a bit further downstream by the white house. Several Goosanders & a Kingfisher at the bridge.

Friday, 11 October 2019


Very grateful to see a Lesser Whitethroat, Reed Bunting and 3 Golden Plover today after a very slow week.

Other than a Merlin in the bathroom on Wednesday it really has been quiet.


A late call to our Manx Shearwater rescue group today. There was a 'Manxie' in the pub at Newgale that needed collecting for later release. The finder reported that the bird had been flying into a wall in the car park and had been put in a box behind the bar for safe keeping.

Nia Stephens was on her way back from Haverfordwest and called in on her way through.

Bit of a surprise when she opened the box to find this gorgeous Grey Phalarope!!

The bird is uninjured and will be released tomorrow once the wind has dropped. - Thanks Nia (hope you enjoyed your pint)


A Curlew Sandpiper again at Kilpaison late this afternoon (about 5 pm), along with a large group of other small waders, including a Turnstone, about 20 Dunlin and maybe 50 Ringed Plover.

2018 Bird Report

The 2018 Pembrokeshire Bird Report has now been published.

Many thanks to editors Jon Green and Steve Berry (County Recorders) and to everyone who supplied records to make it possible.

The report is available from the Reports section above or can be accessed directly here