Friday, 30 September 2022


Five Pale-bellied Brent Geese, 300+ Wigeon, only picked out 2 Pintail, 2 Chough flying across the bay and 2 female type Marsh Harriers came down the valley out over the shore then into the wind heading towards Freshwater West. (Paul Warren)

Old Mill Grounds

 An enjoyable but damp walk this afternoon was unsurprisingly quiet, although I had a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a pair of Siskin, a Swallow over, and a Chiffchaff.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Linnet spectacular

The linnets at Gupton Farm (Castlemartin Corse) continue to amaze. I arrived during a brief lull in sparrowhawk activity just as both sets of electricity wires were full, with a large flock flying up from the fodder crop below. 2 photos to get them all in, birds counted on screen at home - there are 971 in the first photo, 1560 in the second (430 on wires, 1130 in that flock). Not counted were the many more still out of sight in the crop at that moment, or the mixed groups of linnets and goldfinches encountered along the tracks. 

Significant because it reflects success for the NT's new planting and cropping regime at Gupton.

971 linnets in this photo, and at same moment...
1560 here - 430 on wires, 1130 in flock coming up from field 

Wednesday, 28 September 2022


At a blustery Kilpaison this morning,

PB Brent geese 2,  Dunlin 11,  Knot 2,  Bar-tailed Godwits  7,  Oystercatchers  14,  Curlew 34,  Little Egrets 5.

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Strumble Head, Leach's, Long-tails, Sootys and Sabs

With favourable NW winds about a dozen assembled in the lookout. My totals were: 6 Arctic skua, 4 Long-tailed skua, 2 Bonxie. 4 Sooty shearwater with one really close for a Sooty, also excellent views of an adult Sabines gull and 3 Little gulls. 2 Leach's petrel, one pausing to feed as it passed through so giving good views. Otherwise c100 Scoter, 5 Gadwall, 3 RT diver and a Black-throated diver. Kittiwakes and auks passing continuously.

Green Woodpecker - Hook

 Highlight of this lunchtime's walk, a Green Woodpecker yaffling at the head of the Sprinkle Pill estuary. Also, 7 Grey Plovers on the mud flats of the main estuary. The salt marsh at Fowborough Point is currently attracting a variety of small birds - a large flock of Linnets and a few Meadow Pipits, Reed Buntings and Skylarks. Offshore - 2 Pintails were amongst the Wigeon (150+) and a Great Crested Grebe fished off the mouth of Sprinkle Pill.


From John Whitehurst - Nice views of an (the?) Osprey buffeted by the wind, fishing without success and moving around the rivers at West Williamston and Lawrenny.

Monday, 26 September 2022

Dale Airfield

Fairly quiet on a visit yesterday apart from flocks of Goldfinches, Linnets and Meadow Pipits. 4 Snipe were the only waders present. There was an interesting interaction between a Peregrine and a juvenile Sparrowhawk. The Peregrine was sitting on fence post when the Sparrowhawk approached. The Sparrowhawk dived twice at the sitting bird before, possibly confused as to why this 'pigeon' hadn't flushed, landing on the fence two posts down. Time passed as the youngster measured up the larger bird. It twigged this was not one to be messed with and went on its way, lesson learnt. It was striking that the Sparrowhawk was mobbed by corvids both before and after this event but they kept clear while it was in the vicinity of the Peregrine.

Sunday, 25 September 2022

Frainslake and Bluckspool beaches late this afternoon

A visit to Frainslake and Bluckspool beaches produced a nice variety of typical waders for the area. These included Oystercatchers (123), Curlews (45+), Ringed Plovers (32+), Grey Plovers (2), Bar-tailed Godwits (2) and Sanderling (7).

The Sanderlings were busy catching crustaceans, including sand-hoppers on the tide edge

Gulls roosting on Frainslake beach included c.45 LBB gulls and 112 GBB gulls. At least one adult GBBG was colour-ringed red ring (left leg) and red inscribed with white digits (right leg). It was frustratingly too far away to read even with a scope. A significantly cropped image below is probably not much help either. If anyone recognises it let us know. 

It was too far away to read the inscription. It could possibly be something like ?12 perhaps

A Kingfisher inland at Frainlake pool was nice to see there, along with 4 Little Grebes. But it was very sad to see recent remains of an adult gannet on the cliff-top near Great Furzenip - something not expected up there. It had probably been taken from the beach below by a fox, or perhaps by the resident pair of ravens.  

Great egret, Uzmaston

From John Whitehurst - Great White Egret, a little further down towards Uzmaston than the three Little Egret in the normal field.

Saturday, Osprey, St Dogmaels

 From Ken Barnett...

Radford Pill to Carew Mill

Kingfisher at Milton end. Blurry flight shots (upper and lower wing) below of the hybrid shelduck (Bob and Annie, 22.09). Usual waders and little egrets, no other ducks, a curlew sandpiper flew past quite close with 4 redshank. They settled, started feeding, just time for a group shot before they walked behind a mudbank. 


What a grand autumn dawn and sunrise today, first Redwing for 2022/2023 migration, 4 days earlier than our earliest record of the 29th September 2020. To complement the Redwing were male and female Goldcrest, a female Blackcap and several species of the usual local suspects.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Castlemartin Corse

At least 4 wheatears in the Starman's Hall area - short-winged individuals, definitely not from Greenland. A 1CY marsh harrier was being mobbed by corvids: slimmer than the one I saw the other day, almost certainly a male. The 2 remaining 1CY kestrels were hunting over Kilpaison Burrows, a long way away: one was being persistently mobbed by a rook, so much so that both had to take a breather on fence posts within a few feet of each other.  

In the reedbed: at least 3 Cetti's, several water rail squealing away, moorhen, 2 grey herons. Once again, large numbers of linnets at Gupton Farm, a rough count of the photo suggests 420 though they were constantly coming and going. 

Good to run into Corse regular Steve W for the first time. There are so few Corse regulars that, like snow leopards, we rarely meet up. 


A markedly increased diversity of bird species present yesterday afternoon. Notables:

Bar-tailed Godwit (6), Black-tailed Godwit (1), Whimbrel (2), Golden Plover (7), Grey Plover (1), Ringed Plover (25), Dunlin (68), Redshank (15), Greenshank (2), Wigeon (69), Teal (70+), Mallard (48+), Pintail (5), Mute Swan (6).