Pembrokeshire Birds is the internet service for birders in Pembrokeshire to share sightings.

The Pembrokeshire Birds blog was set up in 2006 by Richard Crossen, a life long birder who has lived in Pembrokeshire since 2004. A keen photographer he has a website here.

Richard Dobbins has helped to run the blog for many years. A very experienced birder he  rings extensively in the UK with the Teifi Ringing Group and overseas. 

Mike Young-Powell is a keen patch birder and spends much time birding in the UK and travels widely overseas. See Mike's own blog here

Brian Southern joined the team to help with the numerous queries and sightings received by e mail. Most of his birding is done around the Marloes Peninsula and the Preseli Hills.

There are around 40 local birders signed up to Pembrokeshire Birds of whom around a dozen contribute on a regular basis. It is their efforts which have made the blog such a success. The blog currently receives around a thousand hits a day and Pembrokeshire Birds is regularly monitored for sightings by the national bird news services.