Friday, 30 April 2010

Western Cleddau

3 (fishless) hours on the Western Cleddau above Haverfordwest had really good numbers of House Martins (30+ in one flock feeding over the Mill) as well as smaller numbers of Swallows, Sand Martins and 5 Swifts. Plenty of Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps. The highlight was 2 reeling Grasshopper Warblers and 2 calling Tawny Owls. However, no Kingfishers.

Sandy Haven: 6 Whimbrels.

Rose coloured Starling

Had a good selection of birds in the garden this morning, including Siskin's, Redpoll's and this fine adult Rose coloured Starling, which is probably the same bird John & Marion found at Treginnis earlier this week.

Skomer 29th April

I had a great day on Skomer yesterday with my wife. Saw the usual birds but I thought I would mention seeing 10 swifts in total flying over the island. Counted 4 wheatears too. 2 Porpoise seen west of the island. Nice to see the Short-eared owl, little owl and the turtle dove too. Not birds we often see in mid-Wales!


At a rather cool, drizzly and very windy Kilpaison this morning as the tide was just dropping there were quite a few waders on the tide line -  c.70 Dunlin, 12 Ringed Plover, 4 Whimbrel, 1 Curlew, 2 Barwits and 20 Oystercatchers. Also 18 Common Gulls.
At Freshwater West, where the wind was really howling in, there were no waders but rather bizarrely  a group of 40 or so Swallows and Sand Martins were hawking low over the rocks close into the breakers. Clearly, despite the wind and salt spray, there was plenty of insect life there to interest them.

Whimbrel in the dawn.

This morning at Fishguard Harbour outer breakwater, the air was full of the plaintive call of whimbrel as I drove out. A party of six were stood on the concrete roadway and slipped out and away onto the blocks further down. On approach I stopped the car and just managed to get this shot as they flew back. Not a prizewinner I know but I did rather like the way the rising sun caught and coloured its plumage! There were also dolphins, for pic's see Whales in Wales Blog...


A rather small & brown individual close to the cemetery at Monkhaven church this morning, no arrarent traces of yellow or green. what attracted my attention was it`s call - similar to a Pied wagtail, reminiscent of that little "chirrup" they sometimes do, though not so loud. It was raining at the time & the bird may have appeared darker through being wet, I`ve checked the call via the internet and the closest I can find is Siberian, but am I being a wishful hearer?
Very faint, barely visible supercillium, legs black, bill black(ish) chin, pale cream, again nothing really stood out, just the call. Visible in the bushes between the North corner of the churchyard wall & the gate that opens on to Goose green - the field that is directly above the water treatment works.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Teifi waders

High tide this evening, 1 Sanderling, 27 Dunlin, 23 Ringed Plover.


Snow bunting still present today, male common redstart plus first sedge warbler of the year. A dishevelled looking bar tailed godwit in the harbour yesterday evening.

Martin's Haven

Yesterday evening, in the ever-thickening mist, an immature male Sparrowhawk sat on the Deer Park wall for 20+ minutes. A very small bird (when he flew up I originally thought it was a Song Thrush!) but MASSIVE claws!
This morning: a Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler, and a ringed Sedge Warbler, just starting snatches of song. Several Whitethroats below Lockley Lodge and on the Deer Park in the gorse, plus a male Stonechat.

Skomer - Wood Warbler

The Wood Warbler in the rain this morning

Skomer -- migrants

In th Valley this morning;-
Wood Warbler, Tree Pipit, Garden Warbler, Lesser Whuitethroat, & Spotted Flycatcher.

Whinchat -- St. David's

1 Whinchat -- Point St. John this morning.
(John & Marion)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Skomer --- new arrivals!

Not every day Dave gets a Skomer tick, one this evening, a Wood Warbler!
Also good island birds this evening in Turtle Dove & Lesser Whitethroat.
The Hoopoe still present today.

Osprey-- Sat 24th April

Group of four of us had a good but all too short sighting of Osprey over Hook Reach on afternoon of Saturday 24th April.
Joan & Co


Common Scoter;-
1 Female diving near the seaweed just to the right of St. Dogmaels Quay. The bird could not be found later on the higher rising tide.
1 Common Sandpiper, c35 Ringed Plover, c10 Dunlin. 2/3 Wheatears.
1 Common Sandpiper.
The Webley;-
10 Whimbrel.

Worn Chiffchaff

I took this photo of a Chiffchaff this morning and was amazed just how worn the feathers were when the photo was blow up on screen - click on pic for larger image.
Richard Dobbins, advises - "Yes, Chiffchaffs are short distance migrants, juveniles have no post juvenile flight feather moult. Adults moult flight feathers after breeding. By this time of year, Spring, all flight feathers are worn..... they are all last years feathers.
Willow Warblers look smarter because they under go a full moult in Africa...they need good feathers to fly back. Adults also moult all feathers after breeding to have good feathers to fly to Africa with." Thanks Rich, interesting stuff.

Summer visitors

Maybe more Pied Flycatcher present today.
A pair of Redstarts near the the main wood.

Strumble Head

I spent a couple of hours at Strumble this morning and had 2 sandwich terns going north, red-throated diver going south and 4 whimbrel in total seen during my watch 2 of which delighted me by alighting on the rocks at sea level below the observation building. Again good numbers of hirundines mostly swallows a few sand martins and only one or two house martins.

Postscript:- 5pm 28th April single swift flying over Trefisheg, Strumble Head.
6.15pm 28th April- Kestrel hovering (foraging) over Gilfach Goch farmland Fishguard (map ref. SM 979373).

Rose- coloured Starling -- Treginnis

At 14:20 the adult Rose - Starling with 5 Starlings flew off high to St. David's.
see below for details.

Spotted Flycatcher

Like Bob in his posting yesterday, my first Spotted Flycatcher of the year this morning in St Florence and with a chorus all around of Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers it did seem that summer had arrived! Even better the bird was a real poser.

Hoopoe -- Skomer

The Hoopoe still present today.
(Dave B)

Yesterday around the County

Canaston Woods:
2 Wood Warblers singing in the conifers to the SE of the car park. It is the first time I have ever heard/seen this and Graham Rees is spot on in the Pembs Atlas of Breeding Birds: it IS a fulfilling experience.
Also a pair of Marsh Tits, Nuthatch, and 2-3 small groups of Redpolls (4-5 birds) flying rather noisily around in the tree canopy.

Presellis around Foel Drygarn and Carn Menyn:
Despite the strong winds, good numbers of paired-up Meadow Pipits (est 12-15 pairs), Wheatears (c10 pairs, basically on on or around each rocky outcrop) and Skylarks (4+ pairs). As well as 3 Buzzards, we caught sight twice, but at very long range, of a far paler large raptor quartering over the hillsides and moor: possible Short-eared Owl.
In the valley along the road, a beautiful pair of Redstarts, prospecting for a nest site in an area of derelict dry stone walling and small trees.

Large numbers of Willow Warblers and Blackcaps in the willow/sallow woodland. A brief but clear sighting of a Lesser Whitethroat that then sang regularly from deep cover.

Rose - coloured Starling -- St. David's

An adult around Treginnis Lodge this am (11:00) with 6 Starlings .....SM725245
As all Pembs Birders are aware, very difficult parking in the vicinity.
(John & Marion)

Common Sand's -- Haverfordwest

4 On the river near The Bristol Trader yesterday evening.
(Peter H)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


This bird with a 93cm (3 foot) wingspan, was found with a broken neck outside patio windows in Wallis, Mid Pembs.
Most birders in the field would sex the bird as female on it's large size.
Sexed as a male on wing length (310mm), & weight (700g). Aged as an adult, at least 3 year old on plumage & eye colour.(RD, Paddy)

RD or Robin has several more photos if anyone would like to see more of the bird.

Pied Flycatchers -- Pengelli

The pair (the only pair?) in Pengelli watched near the entrance this evening.
If remain to breed the first attempt at Pengelli since c2005.(Janet)

20 Whimbrel flew into feed on the saltmarsh at The Webley as the tide turned this evening.

Plenty of migrants now in on Castlemartin peninsula

Whitethroats galore today all over the peninsula by late this afternoon/early evening - presumably a fall helped by this mornings sea-mist which blanketed the coast for a while after dawn. Lesser whitethroats were singing in at least seven separate locations; a dozen of more grasshopper warblers heard (all in typical nesting habitat); there were more reed and sedge warblers; and at least 7 swifts were feeding over the Home farm area this evening with dozens of swallows and house martins. My first spotted flycatcher of the year was singing in trees alongside Bosherston lakes this evening - so summer has now and truly arrived!

Were local Kestrels arriving back from their winter quarters today or just passing through? There were at least 5 individuals hovering/hunting over the peninsula early this evening. Out on the Castlemartin Range a merlin (a fine sub-adult/possibly adult male just about colouring-up) was still present. At least 22 whimbrel were on the coast at Stackpole and a few more sandwich terns were passing offshore.

Yesterday, watched a buzzard plucking a jay on the road-side - are there no woodland birds a buzzard cannot catch? To me, sparrowhawks seem a bit more obvious this spring in places I did not record them last spring, might just be coincidence?

St Govan's

Plenty of Hirundines in now and Swallows and House  Martins were busy nest building today at the ruined cottage on the road to St Govan's.

Pied Flycatcher -- Pengelli

A pair of Pied Flycatcher, the male singing, & the female feeding, by the entrance to the reserve this afternoon.
(Janet,...who else....small birds, black & white !!)

St. David's area

No sign of Hooded Crow in first check -- visability poor!
(Marion & John)

Still no sign by midday.

Monday, 26 April 2010


On Patch at high tide this evening around 40 Dunlin and Ringed Plover and 2 White wagtails. 4 Whimbrel flew out to sea from near The Webley.
An unusually high count of 26 Black-headed gulls too.

St. David's area

Trefeiddan this evening;-
Several hundred hirundines, for the first time Swallows out numbering Sand Martins (60:40).
Only 1 House Martin this evening amongst them.
1 Tufted Duck on one of the ponds.
Sandwich Terns, the continuous passage of small groups, of 2-5 birds off Whitesands daily now.
Hooded Crow;-
This will be looked for tomorrow, all news will be provided. (When fog clears!)
(Marion & John)

Hoopoe -- Skomer

1 still present today. Otherwise quiet.
(Dave B.)


Snow bunting still present today. Cetti's warbler late yesterday but not seen today.

Volcanic Ash produces a heavy migrant fall at Stackpole?

Stackpole is an excellent place for birds and it has been a little while since a new species was added to the NNR-list. Even so, I would not have predicted this one being found on Stackpole Warren and another being seen behind Broadhaven - recorded late last week by NT seasonal warden Vikki Jarman and others (Photo, one of several taken by Vikki).

Now the thing is, was this one grounded by the ash cloud for so long that it simply forgot how to fly at all, or did the ash cloud cause it to drop out of the sky? If so are there any others lurking around Pembs? What ever, it surely is a must for your list this year!

Strumble Birds

It was far quieter at Strumble this morning after yesterday mornings spectacular fall of migrants reported by Adrian. When Adrian was busy counting the warblers on the way to the old coastguard lookout yesterday I probably saw the same hen merlin as he did but she was trying to 'take out' a hirundine without success past the obs building and over Ynys Michel. There was still a steady passage of hirundines and good numbers of goldfinch too. I saw a couple of whitethroats and skylarks. I saw 2 wheatear in the field on the way down to Strumble. 2 male stonechats were within feet of each other near the obs. building. I also had curlew or whimbrel not sure which but there were 17. If I was to put my money on it I would say there were 5 whimbrel going generally south and the others, which I think were curlew, were going north but far offshore.
There was a lot of porpoise activity in the area too this morning.

Hooded Crow -- nr. St. David's

1 Feeding in the 2nd field in from the coast path heading north from St. Justinian's lifeboat station. Muck spreading taking place in this field.
(John & Marion)

Whimbrel -- Newport

From The Boat Club;
20 this morning.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pembroke to the Teifi.

Pembroke U.M. Pond;-
137 Black-tailed Godwits still.
(John H.)

Llys-y-fran Resr;-
No terns here.... 9 Great Crested Grebes seemed a good late April count?

Foel Drygarn;-
1 Male Redstart, drinking out of the top of the road sign ! where you park your car.
1 Male Pied Wagtail carrying food into the scree support of the Trig. Point. (363m, we have higher scree, so perhaps more nesting as well as Wheatears in those?)

Patch, 35 Dunlin 20 Ringed Plover.
St. Dogmaels Quay, 3 Whimbrel. The Ruddy Shelduck chasing the corvids off the exposing mud, then itself flying off high, upstream.


10 Whimbrels on the beach at Penally this afternoon being constantly disturbed by dogs. 3 Sandwich terns just off the beach briefly and in the reeds near the station a few migrants including several whitethroats, a reed warbler, a gropper and a lesser whitethroat. Stonechats and Cetti's also present in this area too.

Pen Anglas

2 Whimbrel flew in from the west and landed on the rocks at the end of the point at 13:00 and they were joined by a second pair at 18:00.

that`ll do..


What's that . . . .

That is a bee fly - Bombylius major. Harmless to us, though its larvae parasitise the larvae of various bee species.

I forgot.....

What`s this?
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4x 2010 firsts of the year

Starting at Marloes mere:- 1 Swift, 1 Sedge warbler & at last, Greenwinged Teal! (sorry Richard) I was counting the Swallows when it swam into view on the finger of water that runs 90 degrees to the track a few metres west of the Britton hide, about 3:30pm.
According to my precision guesswork there were 150 Swallows. Also 5 Canada goslings about 1 week old. No Whitefronts at Trehill.
At the Gann, 10 Sandwich Terns flew in & off towards Philbeach, (a short cut to St Brides bay?) I unsheathed my camera and managed to catch 9 as they flew over.
Also 24 Dunlin nearly in summer plumage.
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Angle Bay

A quick look at Kilpaison this afternoon at high tide - c.30 Dunlin, 12 Ringed Plover and 5 Whimbrel.


Yesterday (24th) - Hobby, shelduck (3) and the 5th ring ouzel of the month
Today (25th) - snow bunting (presumably the same one as a few days ago - winter male)

Dale area &....back

The whole area rather wet / misty.
The Deer Park & St. Ann's Head quiet, at Martin's Haven a couple of Grasshopper Warblers singing the highlight
At Marloes Mere, c6 Willow warblers from Britton Hide, and plenty of Sedge Warblers singing.
No sign of the whitefronts or the Gw Teal, before even poorer visibility.

Ty Rhyg;-
3 Grasshopper Warblers singing, & Lesser Redpolls flying about.

Only 1 Redstart could be found, but very nice! (Stock Dove too)
Wheatears, birds today on rocks, & in fields in the Preselis, more birds arrived.

Newport, from the Boat Club;-
7 whimbrel, 11 Dunlin, 12 Ringed Plover.
(Rich D & Karen)

Cemaes head

Not as lively as Strumble.
1 Grasshopper warbler and 7 Golden Plover in summer plumage were the highlights.

Strumble Head a.m. 25th April

A small fall of migrants at the head this morning , between the lookout & the old coastguards i counted:

Willow/Chiff 80+
Whitethroat 20
Gropper 10
Sedge Warbler 2

I also had 3 Wheatear & a Female Merlin & there were large no's of all 3 Hirundines.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Along the North Coast

Following Adrian's text of his sightings, a passing visit was in order, the Sandwich Tern had moved rafts, the 26 Whimbrel flown.
From the Boat Club, 1 fishing Sandwich Tern, then distraction by an arriving, & then departing flock of 31 Whimbrel (maybe Adrian's Fishguard birds?)
Also 30 Dunlin, & 13 Ringed Plover, along with another 7 Whimbrel nearby on the saltings.
1 Sandwich Tern sitting on a buoy off Patch, 18 Dunlin, & 18 Ringed Plover on Patch, & 1 Whimbrel from the Railings.
Wendy found 4 Sanderling from The Webley, & 6 Common Sandpipers, 3 Whimbrel at Jewsons too.

Flagpoles a.m. & p.m. Sat 24th April.

This morning a look produced only 4 Whimbrel & a Common Sandpiper , on my return at about 16.30 there was another good count of 28 Whimbrel , a sgl Turnstone & my first Sandwich Tern of the year sitting on a raft out in the Harbour.The 2 Mute Swans are still enjoying their stay there.While watching the Tern one of the Tysties flew behind it in the direction of the Fort.

Hobby -- Marloes Mere

1 This morning at c11:00.
(Paul G.)

Hoopoe -- Skomer

1 Still at the farm this morning.
(Dave B)

Green-winged Teal -- Marloes Mere

Showing from the Britton Hide at 09:50.........for a short while.
(Paul G.)

St Davids Peninsula

6 Sandwich Terns feeding between Whitesands and Porthmelgan and the highlight of the morning being a female Ring Ousel in the valley on the bank opposite the small pool it could be quite vocal at times (yes even i could hear it ).No Willow - Chiffs seen but several Whitethroats displaying.
Just for the record 4-5 male and one female Stonechats seen between Porth Melgan and the withies with another pair at the top of the track and a male by the kiss gate.

Stackpole/Castlemartin peninsula this week

Plenty of whitethroats around on the peninsula since 19th April - at least 20 singing males estimated by 23rd including a pair back at usual breeding location at Stackpole. Grasshopper warblers also calling in half a dozen or so locations and lesser whitethroats at three separate places during the week. Reed warbler singing at Bosherston Lake on 23rd. Many house martins back now around Stackpole Centre.

A flock of 42 whimbrels feeding on the dune grassland above Frainslake and small numbers flying through all week. A pair of ringed plovers near usual nest-site but not yet settled. Sandwich Terns offshore daily (6 off Stackpole coast yesterday).

Clive Hurford confirmed that there is still at least one male green woodpecker at Stackpole - calling during the mornings this week - encouraging - and one was calling near Axton Hill on 23rd (seen by RJH).

The five goosanders probably left Bosherston Lakes between 16th and 19th April (similar pattern to last year).

Friday, 23 April 2010


Goshawk between Crosswell and Brynberian this pm.

Around the county

Mediterranean Gulls, 2 1st sum at Llanstadwell.
White Wagtails, 2 at Martins Haven.
Greenland Wheatear, 1 on the Deer Park.
Wigeon, 1 drake on Marloes Mere.
(Paul G.)

Fishguard Harbour;-
7 Whimbrel, 2 Mute Swans at the Flagpoles

Teifi - Patch;-
2 pair Shoveler, 14 Whimbrel, 10 Dunlin, 1 male Red-breasted Merganser, 2 Little Egrets
(Paul M)
Jewsons & St. Dogmaels Quay, only 5 Common Sands this evening.
Teifi Marshes, a couple of Grasshopper Warblers singing & a few Sedge Warblers.
(Teifi RG)


2 grasshopper warblers reeling on Frenni Fach this evening.
Also cuckoo calling & wheatear seen.

Dipper & Red Kites

Photo of Dipper at Blackpool Mill sent in by Elwyn Davies.
Kites reported today from Freshwater East (Drew Buckley) and Saundersfoot (Tessa).

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

On the road to Landshipping after turning right off the Blackpool mill road in the trees on the left by the first passing place on the road a male lesser spotted, flew off towards the estuary. Note the road from Blackpool mill is closed for 2-3 weeks so you have to drive via crosshands

Hoopoe -- Skomer

1 At the farm still.
(Dave B.)

busy road, too much noise:

It is surprising how busy the road is past Hermon tip, but despite the noise I could just hear a grasshopper warbler reeling last night! Mind, I find them very difficult to hear now so I wonder for how much longer!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Common Sandpipers

A good count of Common Sandpipers again this evening on the Teifi - 36 behind the old Jewsons with 1 Whimbrel and another 2 opposite St Dogmaels quay with 6 Whimbrel.
Later Rich D found another 9 Whimbrel from the railings and 3 more at St Dogmaels.


Migrants seen around the island today included a female Pied Flycatcher by the farm.
One Short-eared owl was seen in flight early afternoon.

Canaston Woods

On a walk this afternoon heard a G.S. Woodpecker drumming, tried something the wife saw on
TV, knocking a tree trunk with a sharp stone the woodpecker was there in seconds to see off the
competition. Wonder if it would work with a L.S. woodpecker, only problem is finding one


Another male ring ouzel today plus dunlin and our first swift of the year.

Cuckoo, Swift..........

Cuckoo calling nr. Mynachlog-ddu today
Swift, Trefeiddan, a male Greenland Wheatear, nrTreleddyn S.David's.
Lesser Whitethroat nr. Lower Moor St. David's.
(Paul G.)


There was a cuckoo in Hermon yesterday & the male is calling on Frenni Fach this afternoon.

Angle Bay

At Kilpaison, middayish, with the tide well up there was a nice little collection of waders. 56 Dunlin, all but two in summer plumage, 28 Ringed Plover and lone Sanderling and Whimbrel. The small waders were very confiding after a while as they fed and rested on the beach. 2 Sandwich Terns flew into the bay briefly and there was one White Wagtail on the beach. Click on photos for larger images.

Blackpool Mill

4 female goosanders on the river noon today

Hoopoe -- Skomer

This morning at the farm.
(Dave B)

Common Sandpipers -- Teifi

See Sam's posting below,
27 (twenty-seven) Common Sandpipers & 1 Whimbrel at 07:30.
Reed Warbler, Grasshopper, many Sedge, & all the male, (c6 Cetti's) singing early.
Lesser Whitethroat, towards the Lifeboat stn . & The Cetti's near the car-park belting it out too.

Newport Thurs am

c10.30 am, at the bridge 7 Common Sands & a stray Dunlin. On the mud 3 Whimbrel.
On my return <1hr later, 12 Whimbrel & no Sandpipers.

Martin's Haven 17-20th April

Apologies for the late report, but Martin's Haven was really interesting (but also a bit frustrating) at the weekend, and earlier this week. There was a small but steady flow of warblers through on most days, with up to 8 Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs seen together in the sallow scrub, several of which were singing. There were also regular, but highly mobile, Blackcaps, and at least 2 Whitethroats. However, despite pretty intense searching in the valley and up on the Deer Park, neither Ring Ouzels nor Hoopoes could be found! Still, lots of Wheatears, including a fall of 15-20 lovely Greenland-type birds in the Trehill field and by the Deer Park Wall on the 18th.

Of the larger birds, the pair of Kestrels were in evidence, and at least 2 pairs of Choughs in the usual locations on the Deer Park, plus a group of 7 more birds that flew over from Skomer.

There was a good flow of Swallows heading north: at least 200 by mid-morning of the 17th, but the real highlight for me were the astonishing numbers of Sand Martins: easily 300 between 0800 and 0900 on the 19th, coming in waves of 15-20, and accompanied by a handful of House Martins and a single Swift. While 10-15 Sand Martins stayed over the valley in the evenings, most headed off directly NW, a distinctly different direction to the Swallows. The Sand Martins have been a real pleasure this year, especially given the dearth of them here during last Spring. I am puzzled, however, by the large numbers in mid-April for a bird that we normally consider to be an early migrant (I saw my first group over Cilgerran over a month ago).

The Greenland White-fronted Geese have continued to feed in the usual field on Trehill Farm (south of the road, just after the farm on the way to Martin's Haven. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing them this year, but I really hope they make it back North in time to breed?) I am also slightly worried, because I could only count 15 geese when I saw them twice on Tuesday evening, rather than the 16 birds in the group previously.

Finally, the warm weather has been wonderful for reptiles: Common Lizards and a Slowworm in the grass, and a beautifully marked male Adder, plus the sloughed skin of a far larger female Adder.

Presellis: more Crossbills, but no Stonechats

I did my first TTV of the breeding up at the Eastern end of the Presellis (SN13L) on Monday, covering Foel Drygarn and the large area of pine forest (partly clear-felled) by Carn Gyrfrwy. In the cold Northerly wind there was little on the tops save for 4 very territorial Wheatears on the summit of Foel Drygarn. In the clear fell, however, were remarkable numbers of Meadow Pipits (easily 30+, many singing and displaying), a female Kestrel (near one of Paddy's nest boxes), and a handful of Willow Warblers, Coal Tits and a Chiffchaff.

The highlight was a female and newly-fledged Crossbill that perched only a few feet above me at the edge of the trees, enjoying the evening sun. The female several times appeared to be feeding the young bird, and was wonderfully solicitous.

The Llethr road back along the valley had a reeling Grasshopper Warbler and good numbers of Chaffinches and tits, as well as a pair of Mistle Thrushes. However, I saw no Stonechats, either on the sides of the mountain or on the gorse in the valley.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Whimbrels to Swift & Redstarts

Fishguard Flagpoles;-
23 Whimbrel this evening (Steve B)
The Gann;-
9 Whimbrels
Marloes Mere;-
1 Swift, 100's Swallows, less Sand Martins & a few House Martins. 10 White Wagtails & 5 Wheatears too.
(Wendy J.)

N. Pembs;-
Whilst checking on Red Kite nest sites, load's of Redstarts, 4 singing at a site at one end of the Gwaun, & Redstarts singing at another in the Gwaun.
But no Pied Flycatshers heard on travels.

Teifi --

The Ruddy Shelduck off Patch feeding with a flock of presumably non-breeding Shelduck?
There are more Shelduck on the teifi than usual for April, many not paired.
A fine flock of 14 Common Sandpipers this evening.

More Whimbrel

Whimbrel seem to have arrived with a few on the Gann early on and later over Tenby. Also Lesser Whitethroat at the Gann and at Tenmby Golf Course today.
Did my BBS this morning in what seemed like perfect conditions. The poorest visit ever with just a single Wren and Blackbird and very few Dunnocks. many "traditional" territories with no birds present so perhaps the winter really has done for some of the common birds.

Nightjar & Red Kite

A friend of mine heard what he is confident was a Nightjar from his house to the east of Llawhaden on Monday night at 10.30pm, but not heard last night though.

A neighbour saw a Red Kite over fields adjacent to Haverfordwest Racecourse yesterday evening, presumably the same bird I saw a few days ago.

Light-bellied Brent Geese -- The Gann

33 Light-bellied Brent Geese, including a bird that looks like last year's intermediate. 1 Whimbrel this afternoon too.
(Wendy J)

Crossbills -- Canaston Woods

4 Crossbills seen yesterday evening, c300m from Blackpool Mill up the hill towards the tallest pines. These are very mobile birds, rarely caught up with.
(Dave G.)

Ramsey Today

A few good birds today. A second male common redstart, yellow wagtail, snow bunting and a hooded crow. Also a flock of 40 whimbrel heading south. Interesting to hear about recovering numbers of stonechats in St Davids Head area. Still very few here.

Hoopoe -- Skomer

In the well field this morning.
(Dave B)

Wood Warblers & yesterday records

Yesterday evening;-
c5+ birds present, still singing & showing well at 18:23.
(SN081141, usual area)
Also male Goshawk over woods.
(John B & Rich D)

c16:00, The Ruddy Shelduck on the middle sand bank, 4 Common Sandpipers at Jewsons.
Evening, 33 Ringed Plover, & 12 Dunlin on the middle sand bank.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

St Davids Peninsula

8 Sandwich Terns feeding all day off Porthselau beach with a pair of Whimbrel on the rocks, a pair of Whitethroats on the track and several House Martins in a steady stream of hirundines passing through most of the day.Yesterday 2 Sandwich Terns off Newgale beach and Sunday a Cuckoo by the rugby club with a Lesser Whitethroat near St Davids head 150yds up from Porth Melgan beach.
Although there seems to be a healthy population of Stonechats and Wrens on the peninsula i'm concerned for the Dartford Warbler, having been monitoring the two main breeding sites one for three weeks and one for several hrs last weekend i was disappointed not to find a single bird.It was reassuring to see that birds have survived the winter in the south of the county and the odd one been found in the north.It was noticable to see more pairs of Stonechats on the peninsula last week than there has been all spring so possibly the Dartford Warblers may return to these sites if they moved further south for the winter fingers crossed.

Marloes mere

Still good numbers of Sand Martins / Swallows.
1 Snipe, Whitefronts still at Trehill.

Flagpoles 17.00 20th April

A spectacular count of 18 Whimbrel , certainly my best ever amount seen there.

Icelandic Ash does not prevent early arrival of Wood Warblers

Can there be a more evocative sound of Spring than a Wood Warbler giving its full blown shaking, quivering tu tu tu performance in a leafless Welsh woodland?

There were 4 males singing in Canaston Woods this AM, seven days ahead of our previous earliest arrival date.

Tree Pipits can be heard throughout the Canaston area, and it is notable (and predictable) that they now occupy the swath of regeneration where the gas pipeline was driven through the woods three years ago.

Single Crossbill also noted.

Hoopoe -- Skomer

1 still present around the farm this morning.
(Dave B)

Hoopoe -- Skomer (yesterday)

See the Skomer Blog for photos of the Hoopoe feeding along the paths, & more Skomer news.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Pen Anglas

6 Whimbrel flew west past the point at 16:00.

Sandwich Terns --

2 off Caerfai Bay nr. St. David's this afternoon.

The Teifi..... &

Numbers of waders have moved in this evening,;-
12 Common Sandpipers together at Jewsons .
40 Ringed Plover & 30 Dunlin on the middle sand bank.
2 "lost" Ringed Plovers above Priory Bridge --- got me going for a second...we don't see R Plovers this far up river!
c70 Sand Martins buzzing around with the Swallows, and c100 Pied (all?) Wagtails going to roost in the reed-bed on The Marshes too.

Last night;-
1 Jack Snipe & 3 Common Snipe still present in the Marsh.

Hirundines everywhere

200+ at Marloes mere this evening , appeared to be mostly Sand Martins, the pond next to Winterton farm had a shed load flying around there as well. The irrigation pools around St Ishmaels are heaving with them too & we`ve just had some 30 flying around the house.
Meanwhile, Whitefronts still at Trehill farm.

Hoopoe -- Skomer

1 Still in central fields today.
(Dave B)

Goodwick Moor & Pen Anglas 19th April.

Spring has arrived on Goodwick Moor , the fairly quiet situation i had the other day on my last visit has changed into a cacophony of sound with good numbers of Sedge Warblers a handful of Groppers & 2 deafening Cetti's heard this morning. It was also apparent that there was a fairly good movement of Hirundines all Swallows & Sand Martins.

Pen Anglas continued with the movement of Hirundines again mostly Swallows & Sand Martins but also at least 10 House martins. Good numbers of Skylarks on territory.

2 Whimbrel at the Flagpoles but very nervous on the High Tide.


Cemaes head - c100 House Martins flying around the cliffs, 10 Wheatear.
Poppit marsh - Cetti's warbler singing, 3 Snipe.
Webley - 2 Whimbrel.
St Dogmaels quay - Ruddy Shelduck still with the Shelduck.

Martletwy/Landshipping area

Yesterday, Sunday 18th, Whimbrel heard flying up the Cleddau (opposite Landshipping) whilst 7 Greylags were on the shore at Sprinkle Pill. More Willow warblers around in the Martletwy/Narberth area now.

This morning (19th) a fine lesser whitethroat is currently singing in our garden hedge (they seem to like this hedge being noted more or less annually).

Skokholm Yesterday

The Whitefronts are on the island during the day arriving around 1045 and hanging about between North Plain and Winter Pond.
Also there - 15 Wheatear of which 50% Greenland type, 19 Willow Warblers, 3 Blackcap, a Grasshopper Warbler, a Grey Plover (nice record) and a Robin ( the best record!). A single Whimbrel, a pair of Shoveler, 19 Shelduck.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pen Anglas

3 Whimbrel flew in from the east and landed on the rocks at the end of the point at 13:45.

Ty Rhyg

A Cuckoo,Grasshopper Warbler and 9 Redpoll at Ty Rhyg today,yesterday at Lower Town Fishguard a Dipper and at Nevern Estuary 7 Whimbrel,3 Dunlin and a Common Sandpiper.

Hoopoe -- Skomer

One found today by Julia (field assistant),
More news later. (Dave B)

Stack Rocks

A must see for all Birders is the spectacular sight of several hundred Guillemots and Razorbills jostling for a tiny patch of rock to call their own. Also seen 2 pair of Stonechats.

Teifi Marshes.....&..........

1 Male Greenland Wheatear from the Visitor Centre!
2 Lesser Redpolls (ringed and def. Lesser), 2 Sedge Warblers the highlights.
(Teifi RG)
Around the estuary, totals of 24 Ringed Plover, & 8 Dunlin.

No sign............
Of either Ruddy Shelduck today (Teifi or Nevern)
OR the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Pengelli) at least 6 birders looking, but some wonderful descriptions of it's behaviour from Janet.....& Janet may get a mobile...?

butterflies or birds

I looked for piedfly down Cym Cych yesterday but no joy. However, hearing woodcock made up for it somewhat.
Also good to see butterflies about in good numbers in particular Orange tips. Also saw a Comma, Speckled wood & Peacock.

Redstart Gwaun Valley 18th April

This afternoon's search in the Gwaun Valley eventually found a single Male Redstart singing near Pontfaen .

Ramsey - Ring Ouzel

Female ring ouzel today and first whitethroat of year.

St Davids Hd am

Female Ring Ouzel and Cuckoo around the withies in the Bocquer jr (the Ring Ouzel may have been around a while - a St Davids couple saw one there a few days ago but I don't know sex or other details) Willow Warblers and Wheatears apparent today and yesterday with more Hirundine activity today. Still at least 4 White Wags on the GC (5-7 yesterday).

Fishguard outer breakwater, dawn Sunday

Apart from some very nice Bottlenose dolphins in the bay, (see whales in Wales) two Tysties (Black Guillimots) were seen flying into the harbour , several Whimbrel were seen and heard, also a common sandpiper landed on the concrete blocks a few yards away. Yesterday a BT Diver was seen off the ferry as we passed by Strumble. Last evening lots of Sand Martins were newly arrived and hawking above the fields near our house, allthingsgood, cliff

Friday 16th April - Abercastle - Trefin - St David's Hd

A search along the coast for cliff-nesting birds produced among other things male kestrels at Abercastle and at Trefin (two different birds). A sedge warbler was singing in a small marsh on the edge of Trefin.

On St David's Head, generally fairly quiet but another male kestrel noted at Penrhyn Ffynnon-las. A pair of choughs appeared to be breeding in their usual location.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Teifi .....& ..........

6 White Wagtails, & a Whimbrel heard from The Webley late afternoon.
3 Common Sandpipers, c18 Ringed Plover, c7 Dunlin still.

Pembroke Upper Mill Pond;-
143 Black-tailed Godwits today.
(John H.)

Nr. Puncheston (SM997322);-
1 Tree Pipit singing this morning.

Ring O's, Fieldfare, Willow Warblers -- Skomer

This afternoon, a stunning pair of Ring Ouzels at the Farm.
In the valleys, a quick walk yielded -- c50+ Willow Warblers, & 1 Fieldfare.
(Dave Boyle)

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker -- Pengelli

Janet had a bit of good fortune / luck, very shortly after entering the Reserve found a Lesser Spot. This bird flew away, but either the same or a different bird was relocated quickly. This bird a female was watched for c30 mins. All the above action from just inside the main Reserve entrance.
Well done Janet.

Greenland Whitefronts...........&........

Nr. Marloes Mere;-
The geese still present this morning, but not later, (presumably gone to islands for the day).
Greenshank & Dunlin from the Old Hide. 2 Sedge Warblers too.
(Merv J. & Paul G.)
Common Whitethroat, & 1 House Martin, & 1 Redpoll sp. flew over at The Deer Park
1 Greenland Wheatear, & 1 Sedge Warbler at St. David's Airfield.
1 Whimbrel at Newgale.
(Paul G.)

Ramsey recently

A few interesting birds by Ramsey standards have been seen over the last few days (some already mentioned by Mike below)

White wagtail (5+), greenland wheatear (few), male common redstart, redpoll (2), barn owl, female bullfinch, ringed plover, common sandpiper and green sandpiper. The purple sandpiper winter roost was still numbering up to 10 a week ago (only visible from boats)

Chough incubating as of 16th

Newport Sat am

6 Whimbrel by the Boat Club. Also 4 Dunlin & 4 Redshank. 3 prs Shelduck, but no Ruddy.

Cuckoo -- Ty Rhyg

A Cuckoo flew through early, more from Paddy later, on this mornings visit.
(Rich D, & Paddy)

Teifi Ruddy Shelduck

No new migrants around a cold and frosty estuary early this morning but the immature Ruddy Shelduck was still off Patch.

Jack Snipe -- Teifi.....&....Ruddy Shelduck.

Last night;-
1 Jack Snipe, 2 Common Snipe, on the Marshes & 3 Common Sandpipers on Patch.
Early pm;-
18 Ringed Plover, 7 Dunlin on Patch. The Ruddy Shelduck there until it flew upstream past the Railings.
Teifi Marshes, early am;-
The 1st Grasshopper Warbler on the Teifi this year.
A Jack Snipe isn't big!, this weighed 58.2g, approx 60% the weight of a Song Thrush!

Friday, 16 April 2010

All in a days work

Working in the confines of an oil refinery lately, today there were 8 Wheatears in an area of approx 200 x 100 metres - typical habitat, a mixture of Gorse & rough ground with lots of discarded masonry & pipes laying around.
After work a stroll around Marloes at sunset, Whitefronts still present, a few Swallows feeding & 5 Teal, but no Green winger.

Bits & bobs

A Red Kite was quartering (do RKs quarter?) the fields immediately to the SW of Haverfordwest Racecourse this morning, my first here, just a stones throw from the house too - a real thrill. Bird Group members sitting on the roof of The Patch could have seen it (not sure why they'd sit on the roof, just making the point!!!). Later a single Whimbrel on the beach at Druidston.

Stack Rocks

Stack Rocks great in the late afternoon with the Guillemot colony noisy and bustling. The stacks packed, with hundreds of birds on the water too. At St Govan's 5 Wheatears.

Red Kite Skomer

From Janet Hannaford - I went to Skomer today and saw this red Kite over the island at about 10.15 over North haven.


An unexpected find in the Cych valley while out looking for Pied Flycatchers was a noisy flock of Crossbills. Four were seen but it sounded like there were a lot more. They were in a larch wood on a steep slope above Pont Dulas SN253386 on the north eastern border of the county.
A male Goshawk was also seen over the wood.

St Davids Hd

Lesser Whitethroat, Redpoll sp, Merlin still, 31 Wheatears and 5 White and 5 Pied Wagtails on the GC.
Yesterday on Ramsey: Male Common Redstart, 2 Redpolls sp, Blackap, a dozen Willow Warblers and 50+ Weatears. Merlin still present and apparently the Ring Ouzel but we didn't see it.

Strumble Head

Flock of 16 White Wagtails on a ploughed field at Strumble this morning with c30 Meadow Pipits. Flock of 50 Linnets nearby.

Mid Pembs section of the Wildlife Trust

The next two meetings of the Mid Pembrokeshire section of TWTSWW are an indoor meeting on Tuesday 20th April, a presentation by Lyndon Lomax ‘Seals – do large blobs of blubber have a life’. After over 10 years of watching and photographing seals the talk gains some insight into the life of seals, perhaps in an entertaining way.
The meeting will be at 7.30pm at The Patch, Furzy Park, Haverfordwest.. There is no charge for admission, members and non members are welcomed. For further details please phone either 01834 860175 or 01437 721859
An outdoor meeting on Sunday 25th April A walk along the Western Cleddau escorted by a fisherman who knows all aspects of the river. Meet at 10.30am at the small car park to the east of the railway bridge at SM961230 bring waterproof footwear and a packed lunch

Siskins -- 1st brood fledged !!

A male Siskin feeding 2 small fledged young !! at an established breeding site Cwm Gloyne, nr Felindre this am.(Janet)

Whimbrel sightings Thursday April 15th

In response to your request for Whimbrel sightings there were 5 moving between the rocks under the Cliff Hotel footpath last night @ around 20:15

Thursday, 15 April 2010

More migrants

A notable influx of wheatears at Stackpole today - probably in excess of 200 over the NNR coastal grassland. About 50 were noted in an area 100x100 metres! (one of our monitoring grid squares). Birds in the flock in this area (rear of Warren) were notably large, very brightly marked, with longish wings and a very upright stance (classic Greenland race-types). They made the local breeding wheatears on the coast seem quite drab (at least 4 pairs appear to be resident and one probably already on eggs).

At least 5 whimbrel on the coast with sandwich terns heard offshore (number not known). Five goosanders still present - amazing to watch them hunting fish under water (the water is currently crystal-clear).

Our tree-nesting ravens have young in a nest a stones-throw from nesting herons - not sure if the herons will do so well with next-door neighbours like that, we shall see! As far as yaffles are concerned, woodland on the warren remains eerily silent!

Ruddy Shelducks -- North Coast

We now have 2 Ruddy Shelduck on our main north coast estuaries.
19:20, a text from Wendy watching one on Patch, & I on the phone being told by Karen that the Nevern bird was being watched from the Boat Club.
At c 19:30 both birds flew upstream on their respective estuaries.

Nevern Est;-
1 Common Sandpiper with 8 Redshank of the tennis courts.
Teifi Est;-
c20 Ringed Plover, & 7 Dunlin.

Please report Whimbrel sightings daily, as part of West Wales Wader studying, we with (Tony Cross &...) may want to colour ring them.

Ring Ouzels --- Skomer

2 found by Jerry this afternoon,

Garden Warbler & Wrens

First encounter with a Garden Warbler to day at the Rhos. Like Bob and Annie have found Wrens well distributed in woodland but not elsewhere, so perhaps they were effected by the cold winter and are now free to occupy optimum habitat rather than sub optimal areas?

Green-winged Teal and other migrants

Marloes was the best site of several visited today in a search for migrants. A Yellow Wagtail flew to feed around the feet of cattle directly in front of the old hide. The Green-winged teal was in the same place as previously, halfway along the long narrow channel from the National Trust car park. Also a female Pochard and a pair of Tufted Ducks.
Elsewhere few migrants except Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers;
The Gann - 1 Greenshank, 1 Common Sandpiper, 4 Ringed Plover, 3 Dunlin, 4 Redshank and still 11 Light-bellied Brent Geese.
Deer Park - 1 Greenland Wheatear.
Dale Airfield - at least 20 Wheatear, more females than seen previously.
St Brides Bay - still c50 Common Scoter
(Paul G and Wendy J)

Lesser Whitethroat...& ....

This afternoon, , 1 Lesser Whitethroat singing behind the beach, also 2 Whimbrel.

Ruddy Shelduck Newport

A Ruddy Shelduck, presumably the Teifi bird, on the mudflat upstream from the Boat Club, with ordinary Shelducks, this afternoon.

Green-winged Teal / Yellow Wagtail

Marloes Mere;-
Yellow Wagtail briefly from the old hide.
The Gw Teal, found again , same place, the long channel from car park.
(Wendy J, & Paul G.)

Tree Pipit & g'ropper -- Ty Rhyg

Tree Pipit & Grasshopper Warbler at Ty Rhyg this am,(07:30)

Whimbrel -- Newport

1 Whimbrel at The Parrog, 07:30 this am,

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

some recent sightings (Sat 10th to Wedns 14th April)

Goosanders x 5 (incl one male) still present on Bosherston lakes as are a pair of Gadwall (14th April).

On Skomer Sunday 11th, fairly quiet really but nice views of a ring-tailed hen harrier (no wing-tags) in the centre of the island. At least 3, probably 4, kestrels seen and a fine male kestrel was hunting at Stackpole on 13th. Willow Warblers quite numerous on Skomer and at least 4-5 pairs of chough but they were not showing any real indication that they were breeding, as were a flock of 10 on the mainland opposite later in the day. At Stackpole there is only one chough pair nesting this year (2 last year). The female has been incubating probably for at least 10 days now.

Sandwich terns off Broadhaven on 10th and first common sandpiper was note-worthy at Bosherston Lakes yesterday (13th). A trickle of swallows and sand martins through each day plus at least 2 house martins at Blackpool Mill on 12th.

Also at Blackpool Mill a dipper was going to a nest near the mill where a pair of grey wags were nest-building in a usual spot. A kingfisher put in a brief appearance. No sign of tree pipits at Minwear by 12th.

Impressive numbers of nuthatches in all woods visited. Compared with last year, they seem more numerous than usual at Stackpole and Orielton for example. Wren numbers are also quite high (based on singing males) with no real evidence from many well wooded places visited that they have been affected by last winters cold weather. Goldcrest numbers on the other hand may be down a bit.

Sparrowhawks displaying well at one woodland and goshawks seen at two others.


At Kilpaison this morning 11 Brent Geese, 27 Oystercatchers and 4 Curlew. No waders at all over at Angle Harbour and extremely quiet around West Angle Bay with just 1 Chiffchaff in bushes near the beach, otherwise no migrants. 3 Yellowhammers on the public footpath up to Chapel Bay Fort.

Hoopoe update

Well I can confirm that there was definitely at least one Hoopoe (I have seen the picture!) at Slate Mill at the weekend. Sightings were at 8:00 am on the back lawn, 5:15 on the track up to Butterhill then again on Sunday morning in a field near Slate Mill. (Two separate observers)

I searched quite hard on Monday pm and Tuesday am but could find no sign of them. I suspect they may have taken advantage of the northerly wind to skip back off south to warmer climes.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Yaffles - some hopeful news and some bad news!

A couple of days or so spent at/around Orielton Field Centre woods provided hopeful signs that green woodpeckers are still in that area. None heard on the first 2-3 days but on Monday 12th at least one (prob two) were yaffling in the vicinity. Also reported recently from the Axton Hill area (not far away).

However, this morning (13th) the male at Stackpole was calling normally but only a couple of hours later things were all so different - see image taken by Chloe Hudson (with me doing work experience) but for the squeamish best not enlarge the image further! A buzzard was flushed from the ground in Warren Strip woodland, having attacked the woodpecker which, with its bill completely smashed up, will not have survived.

So is this the end of the Stackpole Yaffles? Only time will tell!

St David's Area

From Andrew Appleton - 4 Grasshopper Warblers around St David's this morning. Three were heard only around Dowrog Common just off the Fishguard road and one (also seen on Sunday) on the overgrown pool / marshy area (Pwll Trfeiddan) between St David's and St Justinian's. Also Whitethroat at Morfa Common, just SE of St David's this afternoon

St Davids Hd etc

Merlin still, Kestrel and Peregrine. 2 Redpolls sp but only 6 Wheatears today, 20 yesterday including singing birds. 18 White(14 yesterday)and 5 Pied Wagtails on the GC. Red Kite Sealyham yesterday.

Ring Ouzel at the Deer Park

From My Neighbor Bob Lawrence who saw it yesterday flying around the gorse bushes near the path.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Grasshopper Warbler.........& .........

1 seen well & heard at Druidston, also c60 Common Scoter still off Broad Haven.
(Paul G)
10+ Wheatears, Pen Anglas.
1 Bar-tailed Godwit, with c10 Curlew, on the Teifi.

Ramsey - Ring Ouzel

Cracking male ring ouzel here today. Also red kite (3 a couple of days ago) plus another, or the same, house sparrow. Stonechats still very thin on the ground. Wheatears back in good numbers now - 115 pairs bred last year

White Wagtails

From Andy Appleton visiting from Kent - 8+ on St David's Golf Course this afternoon.

Green- Winged Teal

Showed reluctantly after nearly 2 hours of searching at midday in the long narrow channel before disappearing into cover again. A sprinkling of Chiffs & Willow Warblers & single fem Blackcap in the area. The Deer park was very quiet earlier with the only event of note- a single Collared Dove coming in off the sea at speed before tearing off overhead inland.

Nearly but not quite!

Three Dartford Warblers at a site on the south coast of the county this morning. One bird had lost most of it's tail and the other 2 were dashing around like mad which made getting a shot rather difficult!
Also good to see a pair of Stonechats nearby.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Marloes (11 Apr 10)

Went to Marloes this morning, not for the GWT but to try to photo the White Fronts.
The blog yesterday said that they flew to Skokholm at 1020 so I positioned myself this morning on the coast path between Skokholm and the field where they were feeding at Marloes.
Their timekeeping is almost perfect. They left today for Skokholm at 1019!
Results below. Also my first Whitethroat of the year singing in the garden of the pink cottage.

St Davids Hd

3 Red Kites together drifted west at 11am and then east over Whitesands at 11-30, also Merlin, Kestrel (poss 2)and male peregrine. 12 or so White Wagtails and 3-4 Pied on the Golf Course. Grasshopper Warbler singing. 19 Wheatears present. House Martin on Friday 9th.

Wild Hoopoe chase

Having finished work at 4:30 pm, grabbed a quick shower, headed off to Marloes with scope,
bins & camera. Stuart was already there. "There`s a load of Hoopoes at the Slate Mill" he said.
"Oh yeah" I casually replied, scanning for the Green winged Teal, whilst at the same time thinking this was a years supply of Hoopoes in one hit. "Could they still be there?". I thought & said at the same time. "It was on the blog this morning" said Stuart, "there`s one at Butterhill farm too" this was simply too close to home to ignore. I was at Slate Mill in 2 mins.
Nothing! surely something had to be there. After 10 mins Stuart arrived having been down to Butterhill. Nothing! We departed having considered all the possibilities of wrong ID, bad luck, mis- information etc. So, the"promise" of photos is something to put me out of my suspense!
Over to you Rosemary!!


The Osprey seems to have been passing through?
Still no sign of Grasshopper, Sedge or Reed warblers yet?
The Railings;-
1 Common Sandpiper, 1 Turnstone, 16 Ringed Plover & 5 Dunlin.

Presumably the GG Shrike left on Friday night?

Greenland W Front's -- Marloes Mere

Early am:-
I went to Marloes Mere early this morning hoping to catch the Green Winged Teal asleep before the area was swamped with people; no luck with gw teal. I did see the 16 white fronts, shoveler, teal, 7 white wags, chiffs, loads of sand martins, 3 wheatears, & female pochard.
I also met and had a very interesting conversation with Gary Prescott who is doing a 5,000 mile around Britain cycle ride visiting all the RSPB sites and raising money for charity. He apologized for "looking rough" as he had slept in one of the bird hides last night only realizing this morning that there is a youth hostel close by!! He mentioned his web site ( Thought I'd visit The Gann while I was down there- 9 curlew, 3 redshank, 2 greenshank.

Ty Rhyg

What a difference a week can make! Last weekend a single willow warbler and a few chiffs at Ty Rhyg and a wintery feel to the air, but today alive with willow warblers, redpolls, chiffs + a tree pipit and a grasshopper warbler reeling away. Still very few common residents esp wrens, robins, dunnocks. A mistnetting session produced 22 birds of only four species: willow tit, redpoll, willow warbler and chiff including some retraps of all these species.

Abermawr / Goodwick 11th April

A winter plumage Grey Plover on the beach was a suprise , also lots going on at the Sand Martin colony & 3 White Wagtails on the beach.The woods had all the expected stuff with at least two Blackcap pairs on territory close to the path through.On the way home a singing Yellowhammer opposite the entrance to a well known "Pembrokeshire Farmhouse" near Harmony Chapel.

A trip down to the Flagpoles to go round the boardwalk on the moor found another ( most probably the same ) winter plumaged Grey Plover roosting with the Oystercatchers in the right hand corner. On the moor a singing Cetti's & plenty of willowchiffs.

Skokholm yesterday

A brief visit on Saturday (10th) found the 16 Whitefronts near North Pond, what looks like 32 pairs of Canada Geese settling down in various parts with lots of display and hiding stuff going on, some movement of Willow Warblers and a single Blackcap but otherwise quiet on the migrant front.
Heartening to find at least six pairs wrens, the usual Blackbirds and Pied Wagtails present too.
Two pairs of Chough and a pair of Peregrine present too.

Scrubby Bottoms

Scrubby Bottoms is a wonderful little National Trust woodland nature reserve near East Trewent, up the hill from Freshwater East. This morning at least 6 Blackcaps singing there and many more Chiffchaffs.


Reports (after the event!) from friends and colleagues of a Hoopoe mini-invasion on Saturday morning - 4 birds on the lawn at Slate Mill Lodge and a separate report of one bird on the track to West Lodge, Butterhill which is very close by.

These sites are really close to our house but for some reason they chose to ignore our inviting lawns .......

I am wating for pics of the 4 Hoopoes at Slate Mill

Meanwhile in the garden we have had an enthusiastic singing Blackcap since the 8th. I checked last year's records and our first singing Blackcap was exactly the same date.


Saturday, 10 April 2010

April Med. Gulls & ..........

2*1 sum, & a 2 sum present this afternoon,(Paul G.)
Birds in April aren't that common.

Lesser Redpolls v. active today, c6+
1 pair Goldeneye still, 2 pairs of Great Crested Grebe (usually 1 pr attempt)

1 rh Goosander still on the river --Little recompense for missing "Lucky Jon's" Osprey!
He rang 3 phones, amazingly none of which we answered in time !

18:00, Teifi;-
4 Sanderling, & 4 Dunlin on a middle sand bank -- some real ! returning waders.

Yellowhammers, Redstart,........

As Greg mentioned the "rarity" status of the Yellowhammer on Ramsey, your sightings please of this ever more elusive bird. (Sun am, Yellowhammer breeding map is the BTO ATLAS bird of the day)
Paul G had 1 over Marloes Mere today.
Last week we still had birds feeding on grain at a farm in N. Pembs. (9 birds last week still)

Redstart :-
Nr Lawrenny early am Thursday 8th
Common Sandpiper, Nevern Estuary, evening Friday 9th

Ffynone, Ty-canol, & Pengelli all searched for arriving Pied Flycatchers & Redstarts, none found today.........perhaps tomorrow?
(sev. birders)

Strumble Head (10 Apr 10)

c.25 Willow Warblers and c.25 Chiffchaffs between Tresinwen and Porthsychan today. Also 6 White Wagtails on Porthsychan beach and Lesser Redpoll over Tresinwen.

House Martins and Rocket powered Osprey

Late post this, a small group of five flew over the fifth tee at H'west GC on Thursday.

After Stuart spotted the Osprey returning with a fish, I ran to the car to get the camera, but the bird was motoring and all I got was this very tiny dot disappearing into the blue! You can just make out the fish!


No sign of the Osprey since Jon's lucky sighting this morning.
2 Whimbrel opposite St Dogmaels quay early afternoon.
2 White Wagtails by the Webley and 4 Wheatear on the rocks beyond the caravans at Patch this evening.

Marloes Mere

I saw the Green-winged Teal at about 14:00, it was at the far end of the channel at right angles to the track just past the Britton hide, and then it went into cover and didn't come back out.

Marloes Mere

Whitefronts flew in about 6:15pm c 80 Hirundines feeding over. Didn`t see the Teal.

White Wags

At Kilpaison this afternoon 15+ very dapper White Wagtails high up on the beach and on the tide line 4 Knot, 1 Dunlin, 22 Oystercatchers and 1 Barwit.
Earlier at Stack Rocks the Guillemot colony in full swing with the stacks crowded and noisy.

Ramsey - yellowhammer and records

Female yellowhammer on the island today - first record since 2000 and only the 4th since 1993 when official RSPB records began. Male house sparrow too which is unusual out here.

I am trying to collate as many pre 1993 records as I can to build up a more complete picture for Ramsey. I have some here from wardens in the 1970's and a few other random records but if anyone has any pre 1993 records they can send me that would be great (of anything, not just birds). Email is or post them to Ramsey Island, c/o Trefeiddan Farm, St Davids, Pembs. SA62 6PY

Many thanks.

Green-winged Teal -- Marloes Mere

Not showing until 12:40, then again at 12:58. In a channel best viewed from the car park. Not seen from the Britton hide earlier.
Greenland WF's flew to Skokholm at 10:20.
Fem Pochard, 2 Tufted still, also c100 Sand Martins, & 1 Lapwing.
(Paul G.)

Teifi Marshes Saturday morning

Osprey over the Teifi Marshes this morning 9.30am, mobbed by the gulls, then went upstream over the Teifi Ringing Group who were too busy looking into their hands.
Dog Otter by the by-pass bridge at the same time.
Male White Wagtail on the Creek Hide.
Teifi Estuary quiet - one Whimbrel off the boat club.

Skomer -- S E Owls

BTO Atlas;-
Have a look at the Bird of the Day, the map shows how important the SE Owl population on Skomer, (& Ramsey) is.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Great Grey Shrike -- Teifi Marshes

16:30 -20:00;-
Showing well perched up on it's usual trees behind Kingfisher Hide.
(Teifi RG)

Red-legged Partridge,
In Ceredigion, but 1 nr. The Boat-builders at the start of the Railings.
(Paul M.)
The Ruddy Shelduck was still present yesterday, from the Railings, also 2 White Wagtails at The Webley.(Wendy)

Green-winged Teal and Divers

Surprisingly quiet for migrants today in several sites looked at but the days birding was saved by Paul finding a drake Green-winged Teal at Marloes Mere. It was best viewed from the car park with only glimpses possible from the Britton hide.
Also at the mere a Red Kite, a Pochard and 3 Tufted Ducks.
From Druidston, 2 Great Northern Divers and from Newgale, another 2 Great Northern Divers, a Red-throated Diver and a Sandwich Tern.
(Paul G and Wendy J)

Osprey - Picton Point

16.20 hrs. First spotted in the distance by a keen-eyed Kim Gowney. It flew, quite high, downstream and eventually disappeared in the direction of Hook. Minutes later it reappeared with a small fish in its talons and pursued by gulls flew quickly upstream to disappear in the direction of Slebech.

Wonderful Ramsey Island

What a superb day on Ramsey, loads of birds Larks, Pipits, Linnets, Wllow Warbs, Chiffchaffs, Ketrels, Buzzards, Peregrine Falcons, Chough, Tumbling Ravens, Sea Birds, Swallows, Sand Martins, Red Deer, Porpoise, seals and a pup, lovely sunshine, unusually a ‘bat’ as yet not identified, the first I have seen there in 40+ years, and, a lost three legged sheep.

Green-winged Teal -- Marloes Mere

A drake this am, from the Britton Hide, further news later.
Best viewed from the car park.
(Paul G, Wendy J.)

Greenland WF's still.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

"Yellow 7"

She was born last summer in a small little bog, nice and quiet.
Lissycasey if you want to check it on Google Earth.
She hatched out around the second week of June, and would have been just 42 weeks on 1st April 2010. She was first sighted in your fair Wales on 2nd October on Ramsey, so it seems after spending her winter around Marloes Mere and Skomer she was heading back the direction she came, and probably was crossing the Irish Sea in those strong North-westerlies and rain to make it back to her home and hopefully become one of our breeding population and see her first sky dancing which is what she was born for.
It is a sad loss. --
(yellow 7 was found along the tide line nr. St David's 1st April 2010),
We could have really done with her too. She has however provided invaluable information for her colleague's conservation. She has informed us that (I think) a great amount of birds you are respsonsible for in Wales each Autumn and Winter are from Ireland, and the breeding population increase in Wales may have been helped by recruits from Ireland. She has shown us the importance of an international approach to conservation of these finest of birds. She has shown us that perhaps one of the reasons why we are not getting a large amount of recruits into our breeding population (apart from habitat loss and limited availability of such), is because many of our young are heading off abroad and not all will make it back (whether by choice or in this brave soul's case by misfortune). If she had waited on a few more days she would have had plain sailing and I would probably be watching her now.
Lets just hope we can all work together to make sure we give all Hen Harriers a chance to make it, by documenting their activities and informing conservation methods, most particularly through habitat management and conservation.

Barry O'Donoghue,
Hen Harrier Research, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Eire

Crossbill -- Black Pool Mill

A male Crossbill seen today at 1.30pm at Black Pool Mill, Canaston Bridge.
Also lots of Blackcap, Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers, a Dipper on the river and some Wrens.
(Dave Ramsey)

Chough and stuff

Chough collecting nest material and heading for a cliff site near Gateholm somewhere and also seen entering a hole in the top of the South Stack Fort in the middle of Milford Haven with nesting material.

On the Marloes peninsula fields no sign of the Whitefronts which were making lots of noise yesterday and appear to have left with the nice weather.(per Mervyn) but lots of Swallows and a single House Martin heading north. Only a single Stonechat found and no sign of the Peregrines yet.


Grasshopper Warbler, Trefeiddan.
(Paul G.)

Redstart, Dinas (Yesterday)


Yesterday - 100+ willow warblers and 50+ chiffchaffs, male black redstart, 1000+ of both swallows and sand martins going north. Male and female merlin interacting (talon locking).

Some breeding news - 3 peregrine territories, 7 pairs of chough confirmed nest building with an 8th likely to follow. 2 pairs of buzzards, a pair of kestrel showing an interest. Looks like the hard winter took it's toll as we seem to only have 2 pairs of lapwing this year (they were very late back so maybe more to follow?) No further sign of the hoopoe that was present for 2 days over the weekend.

north Pembs

Cym Cych; blackcap singing, loads chiff-chaffs, regular ravens & herons.
Bwlch-y-Groes; willow warbler singing, Gt-spot-woody drumming
Tegryn; first village swallow 2 days ago & today willow warbler singing in the garden.

Also, first orange tip of the year for me at Bwlch-y-Groes!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Around the county

Cetti's singing at Freshwater East too, (see below)

Black-tailed Godwits;-
c150 at the Pemb. U.M.Pond yesterday, but roosting on garden lawns !!, as water level too high. Also a new colour-ringed bird, & one of the previous regular col-ringed still present.
(John H.)
1 Black-tailed Godwit, a welome visitor to the Teifi this evening, also 2 Turnstone, 5 Ringed Plover, 8 Wigeon. Also c150 Sand Martins, & 50 Swallows over the Marshes 20:30.
The G G Shrike was also on show at 16:00 today, at it's favourite location. (see below)

Several pairs of Sand Martins appear to be taking up residence at Fresh West today + 2 Wheatears sighted by the Seaweed Hut.
(John McIntosh) Ceredigion.
Both Pied Fly's, & Redstarts seen in Cerdigion in the last 2 days.

Cetti's at Tenby

At least three singing birds late this afternoon between the Kiln Park end of the golf course and Penally Station in the wet scrubby areas and along the main road side.
Lots more skylarks singing now and a lone Blackcap in song - at last!!

Great Grey Shrike

I couldn't find the Ruddy Shelduck on the Teifi Estuary today but the Great Grey Shrike was showing in front of the kingfisher hide at Cilgerran at 17:30.

Greenland WF Geese -- Marloes Mere

The geese still present today.
(Merv J.)

Osprey - Cleddau

With up to six Ospreys in Ceredigion earlier this week a look for this species around the Cleddau today seemed in order. Sure enough from Landshipping Quay around 12:30 I saw an Osprey fishing over at Sprinkle Pill causing quite a fuss amongst the gulls and other birds over there, including 7 Greylag Geese which flew around and landed in a field close to the Pill. I wonder if there are more Ospreys tucked away in the huge Cleddau river complex, or how many have slipped through the county unseen?
At Landshipping Quay itself 21 Redshank, 30 Teal and a steady trickle of Swallows passing through.

At 13:50 the Osprey carrying a fish from Picton towards Sprinkle Pill.
(Paul G.)

Water Pipit -- Newport

The nr. sum plum. Water Pipit at the iron bridge at 10:45 this am, also male White Wagtail.
(Steve B)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Ty-rhyg -- tonight

Coming back tonight, from H'west---- a good reason for Janet to be driving in front, I would have braked harder!!
A "big dog" Otter bounded across the road in front of the cars. Crossing from the Rosebush side, about 200m up the road from the Ty-rhyg entrance.
(Janet & Rich. D)

Sandwich Terns--- Caldey

Fantastic show of two Sandwich Terns fishing off the North Beach at 4ish this afternoon, sometimes as little as 20 yards away.
(Adrian Meredith)

GG Shrike & R Shelduck -- Teifi

Great Grey Shrike at WWC Cilgerran & the Ruddy Shelduck on river nearby, this am.
(via Birdline Wales)

White Wagtail from the iron bridge at Newport.
(Jon G.)

Ringed Black Headed Gull

When I first started seeing Darvic ringed gulls about 10 years ago they were mostly Med Gulls from exotic places like Poland, Germany & Belgium/Holland. Nowadays they're much more likely to be Herring Gulls ringed at a Gloucester landfill or Black Headeds hatched along the M4 corridor.
So it is that 2nd CY BHG White 2X94 on April 2 at Newport had been ringed as a chick at Hosehill Lake, Berkshire on June 20 09. This was it's first subsequent sighting.

5 April Nine Wells

Close, but fast and short, views of a Merlin also Little grebes on pool and Sand Martins passing by.


No sign of the Water Pipit by 08:00 this am, (nor yesterday)
8 Teal, & 1 Otter from the iron bridge this am.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Owls ---- Skomer

A note from Chris;-
Short-eared Owls, up to 8 (eight) individuals present, so breeding prospects look good again for this year.
Little Owls also establishing territories & increasingly being seen.

The Gann

From Sandy , visiting from Shropshire - Arrived at car park & picked up an ad. Winter Red-throated diver quite close in (by river mouth). After such an excellent start, v. Little else of note as I walked around the lower section of saltmarsh & lagoons & no Brent geese. White-fronts were present at Marloes Mere at c. 3pm although rather distant on far grassy field.

Pen Anglas

I saw a Merlin fly east along the cliffs at 13:00 and reappear chasing a Skylark out to sea at 18:00.


Early evening very windy & exposed, a single 1st-wint Med Gull on the beach, 30+ Common Gulls, around 25 Black-headed & a handful of Herrings. Just 2 Brents viewable, has the main flock gone and left them behind, are these 2 new in from France, or could I just not see the larger flock? Time will tell. A Ringed Plover and a Dunlin on the lagoon with 3 Redshank and 9 Teal. All of the Little Grebes & Goldeneye seem to have moved on now. Not a single spring migrant noted!

Ruddy Shelduck

News from Rich Dobbins of a Ruddy Shelduck on the Teifi - on the middle sandbanks viewable from either side - at 5:15 p.m. . Being harassed by the local Shelducks (the Ruddy Shelduck that is, not Richard).
More news on this exciting bird later!

The Ruddy Shelduck a likely female,(not an ad male) was refound feeding off Patch loosely associating with with 22 Shelduck c19:00. The bird was seen to have a good fly around earlier when harrassed. (I have been asked if it can fly!)
(Wendy, Karen & Rich D.)

The Gann and Mullock

Siskin overhead this morning and Stock Dove singing in trees nearby but quiet generally with even the Chiffs not singing much in the wind. A ring tail Hen Harrier on the upper reaches of the Gann this afternoon.

Yesterday lots of swallows coming in off the sea at Tenby and Cetti's singing near Penally again.

The Gann

A very brief passing visit produced 3 House Martins in off & 1 first winter Med.
There were some Common Gulls towards the river mouth (no doubt concealing something else!) but time, circumstance & lack of scope, prevented any chance of a good look.

Summer then?

Swallows seen on Sunday at Caerfarchell, also Harmony/Pen Caer /area, Chiff Chaffs sang as we hunted Easter Eggs, in Caerfarchell, but did anyone see the Easter Bunny?

Strumble Head 10.00 - 11.30 a.m. 5th April

A fairly quiet seawatch , 1 Common Scoter & all the common stuff with approx 70 Manxies past.

Merlin & Kestrel past the lookout also.

Greenland White-fronted geese

The geese are still at Marloes this morning.
(Merv J)

Marloes Peninsular & Dale Airfield y'day

A walk from Martin's Haven to Kete yesterday had good news about Choughs but bad news about Stonechats. A party of 9 Choughs flew in from Skomer early in the morning, and were greeted noisily by 2 resident birds. Later in the morning we found 5 Choughs feeding quietly on the cliffs near Kete.
However on the entire walk (around 8km, including a detour over the de-gorsed Dale Airfield) we did not find a single Stonechat.
The dramatic highlight was watching a Peregrine chase and (finally) take a pigeon. It took at least 4 goes, from above and below the pigeon, before it finally caught it.
Off Wooltack Point 0800-0930 good numbers of auks, Gannets over porpoises in the tidal race, and a pair of Common Scotor, but no Manxies.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Black Guillemots -- Fishguard ....&...

A pair in the harbour late this pm. best viewed from the Inner Breakwater.
Also 1 Red-thd Diver still.

No sign of the Nine Wells Garganey, but at the site c30+ Chiffs & c6+ Willow warblers, like many sites today(sev. obs)

Merlins...late birds still?
Ivor's Pond,(Rich D) Llandissillio today(Paddy),
Strumble y'day(Adrian)

Avocet -- Pembroke

The Avocet was seen again yesterday, & is likely to have have been on the river since 17 Feb.
The bird seems to favour an up-river area off Monkton, where there is no access.
The bird may be viewable from the Pennar side, access from Ferry Road, the road that leads to the foreshore that is nearest to Pembroke.
No real idea what state of tide is best, the Avocet wasn't seen today at high tide. But 1 Black-tailed Godwit, 3 Greenshank the highlights of small groups of roosting waders.
Also 1 BH Gull, a winter adult but with the only dark pigmentation on it's head, a small red bill. Otherwise all plumage.....white. It's structure / size too black-headed to be a hybrid?

Pen Anglas

I saw a Merlin fly low over west at 17:30.

Golden Plover

Onthe road to Stack rocks there were 100+ late leaving Golden Plover
in amongst the fields of sheep. No sightings of Stonechats at Stack Rocks
or St Govans Head !! ( very poor G.P. photos they were a long way away )


Info from Rich D at Kilpaison - 7 White Wagtails. Virtually no waders - just 2 Ringed Plovers.

Garganey - Nine Wells

From Julia - Garganey still at Nine Wells.

Teifi marsh

Saturday evening the Gt.grey shrike was visible at the back of the Bass Lagoon (as mentioned for earlier in the day).

Today, first thing, chiff-chaff & willow warblers heard & seen; mostly in the reeds, (at least one with a ring). Hirundines about, as were cettis, water rails, long-tailed tits, etc.

Tegryn; Sat. evening 200+ golden plover over village high, heading N.

Water Pipit

The Water Pipit was showing well by the Iron bridge, Newport at 07.50 this morning.
(Rich D)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Water Pipit -- Newport

This nr. summer plumage Water Pipit showing well above the bridge at c16:30,
Showing less well at c18:15 for most of the rest of N.Pembs birders!
Also 1 ad. male White Wagtail, & a pair of Stock Doves flew over.


The Gann;-
11 Pale-bellied Brent Geese & 1 Goldeneye.
Pemboke Mill Pond;-
1 House Martin, c20 Swallows, 6 Sand Martin.
Presumably? non-breeders, a group of 12 Dale Airfield.
(Paul G.)

Ty Rhyg

A Willow Warbler singing in the scrubby bit and at least 10 chiffs in this area which were probably migrants. The only other summer migrant was a blackcap. A single Crossbill flew in from the east, but still no sign of any redpolls. A snipe was flushed from a ditch and it was nice to see a pair of willow tits. Common residents such as wren, robin, song thrush seemed to be very thin on the ground but it's early days yet, the scene still look wintery.

Martin's Haven this AM

2 Willow Warblers and a Chiffchaff in the sallow this morning, and good numbers of Linnets and Mipits out on the Deer Park, but only one pair of Stonechats seen. At least three male Wheatears and a Rock Pipit at the South corner of the Deer Park by the wall, and two pairs of Pied Wagtails displaying and prospecting for nest holes in the wall. 2 Grey Wagtails over, and a steady scattering of Swallows.
The Ravens at the end of the Deer Park are feeding what looks to be at least 3 chicks.

Great Grey Shrike -- Teifi Marshes

The Shrike showing well on a variety of tree tops most of the morning at the back of the reed-bed from Kingfisher Hide..or better from the River View Point.
1 fem Wheatear on a tree-top at the River View Point !!
2 Willow Warblers, a couple of Swallows & plenty of Chiffchaffs around, & a rh Goosander on the river.
(Teifi RG)

Marloes Mere

10 Willow Warblers, fem. Pochard, 3 Tufted Duck, 2 Swallow & a Red Kite.
(Paul G.)

Water Pipit -- Newport

A Water Pipit, nearly in summer plumage, from the iron bridge at 08:00 this am.
Seen at the waters edge just downstream from the iron bridge, on the south side.
Very shy, flighty & flushed couple of times, by noise from the path.

BTO garden birdwatch

BTO Garden BirdWatch is a year-round project that gathers important information on how different species of birds use gardens and how this use changes over time. Gardens are an important habitat for many wild birds, providing a useful refuge for those affected by changes in the management of our countryside.

Some 16,000 participants currently take part in Garden BirdWatch and send in simple weekly records of the bird species using their gardens. This information is either submitted on paper count forms or by using Garden BirdWatch Online. Currently there are forty participating gardens in Pembrokeshire, distribution as shown on the map left (but note that some 1km squares have more than one participating garden).

This year the garden birdwatch and nest recording schemes are combining to ask more people to record what is nesting in their gardens. This information will feed into the BTO atlas, and hopefully get some people more interested in long-term nest monitoring. More details here

All new joiners will receive a free copy of an exclusive paperback version of the acclaimed 'Garden Birds and Wildlife' (normally £14.99).


2 males, fresh in from Africa this morning on the cliff above Marloes sands.
Whitefronts still present West of Trehill farm.

Friday, 2 April 2010


In between or in the showers!
3 Red-throated Divers in Fishguard Bay, 1 sum plum.
5 Purple Sandpipers, on the Outer B/w.
A couple of Swallows around.

Cormorants on a mission

Yesterday afternoon, after mid day by the way, a group of 15 Cormorants flew over St Davids in V skein formation, high and flying NW. A great garden 'tick' as well !!

Hoopoe - Ramsey

News from Greg of a Hoopoe on Ramsey. Boats should be running from Noon tomorrow but check first with 1000 Islands (01437 721721)1437 721721

Manx Shearwater -- Skomer

From Chris
--"first proper madness shearwater influx last night, been coming in fairly regularly.
All quiet on the migrant front"

Pembs bird group, next meeting

The next indoor meeting is on 6th April Tuesday 2010 – There will be a presentation ‘Birding through a camera lens’ by Richard Crossen. Richard is an excellent photographer and a regular 'photographic' contributor to this blog. There will no doubt be pictures in his talk to interest everyone.

The meeting will be at 7.30pm at The Patch, Furzy Park, Haverfordwest.. There is no charge for admission, members and non members are welcomed. For further details please phone either 01834 860175 or 01437 721859


A post rain walk this morning, 1 Ringtail, Whitefronts still present.

sparrow hawk

We have a sparrow hawk regularly passing through the garden, (I assume it is the same one). Twice in the last 3 days he has panicked male chaffinches, which crashed into the window about 2 feet from where I was sitting. They then hit the ground stunned or struggling & he can calmly pick them up. Yesterday he sat on his prize for more than a minute, so a superb view.
It certainly brightened up a miserable day!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Avocet - Pembroke River

An Avocet again at high tide, along the upper reaches of the Pembroke River approx at the bottom of Long Mains at 10:00 this am.
(Len Ambrose)

Great Grey Shrike -- Teifi Marshes

The GG Shrike present near the river, also 1 rh Goosander at 15:17.

Teifi Marshes

From Drew Buckley - From Kingfisher Hide: Pair of Canada Geese being chased by the Mute Swan Pair, 2 pairs of Teal, Kingfisher buzzed the lake 5/6 times, 2 otters appeared out of the reeds on the right  also 3 Swallows turned up in the rain so Summer is on the way! All in all pretty good morning considering the weather conditions.

Greenland White-fronted geese etc

Highlights today from a few sites between the downpours
The Gann - 1 adult Med gull, 26 Brent Geese, 1 Goldeneye, 5 Redshank, 7 Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin and 2 Turnstone.
Marloes Mere - 16 Greenland white fronted geese still present. 8 Shoveler, 6 Wigeon, 3 Tufted ducks and the only migrants a Willow Warbler and 4 Chiff Chaffs.
Broadhaven - c30 Common Scoter close in.
Newgale - the flooded marsh and campsite field looked promising but nothing more exciting than 4 Teal.
(Paul G and Wendy J)

Nice one Morris,
those little woodland gems definately cheered me up fine, having got soaked this morning looking for a porp in Fishyguard Harbour. It was pretty bleak out on the breakwater as well but a pair of Great Northern Divers bobbing in the swells were nice to see. A bit too dreek and distant for any great detail though one seemed to be beginning to moult into summer plumage. A Raven played hide and seek as I walked alongside the seawall. Ravens are another of our local gems that were so exciting to see when I first arrived here!