Saturday, 24 January 2015


Kathy and I spent several hours out at St Davids Head today, following up a report of a large Pipit but with no luck. Our attention turned to Robins when I noticed a strikingly pale individual. About 60-65 Robins come to winter around the Head and I looked at a dozen or so today. They were pretty uniform with warm brown wings and upperparts, red-orange bibs and gingery uppertail coverts/lower rump, standing out from the rest of the upperparts. That is except for the pale bird which was very grey with cold grey-brown wings and upperparts, with an olive tone and including concolourous uppertail coverts/lower rump and paler orange bib. If we'd trapped it in Norfolk, when I was ringing there, it would, without a doubt, have gone in the book as a Coninental bird ssp rubecula.