Friday, 30 January 2015

Stackpole/Bosherston Lakes - roosting birds

Just before dusk I had a brief stroll along part of the Eastern Arm. It was immediately obvious that there were quite a few redwings and blackbirds around. They were coming into roost in sheltered, ivy-clad trees (typical roost locations for thrushes here). There were probably in excess of 150 redwings and 50+ blackbirds and also quite a few chaffinches going to roost.

I couldn't find any greenfinches though. Lodge Park used to regularly hold quite a large roost years ago. I wonder just how many greenfinches there are in the general area this winter?

It was also nice to see 3 firecrests and not less than 4 blackcaps (probably many more present) also going to roost in evergreen shrubbery along side the eastern arm.  The ivy etc is probably very important cover for these species during cold winter weather.

The usual goosanders were on the lake as were some 20+ gadwall, as usual accompanying the small coot flock. A kingfisher put in a brief appearance, always nice to see. I should have taken a camera - the wintering bittern stood for a few minutes right out in the open on the path below the Court-site terrace!

I left just before hundreds of jackdaws came into their usual lake-side roost.