Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bosherston yesterday and Cresswell Quay area today

We had a short stroll down the eastern arm at Bosherston yesterday. Fairly quiet but 8 goosanders still present and herons were noted to be nesting in their usual tree. A second pair possibly in the area too. Ravens were also noted to be nesting in their usual location. Stock Doves were calling and displaying over the lake and a single chiffchaff was heard calling but not in song.

This afternoon we went out to do some general wildlife recording in 1km squares near Cresswell Quay. Apart from local resident birds there were not many species of note but it was nice to see a small flock of marsh tits (5) and also to hear (in two separate wooded locations in each 1km square) at least three redwings occasionally in full song and behaving territorially (perhaps they were energised by the very vocal song thrushes?). They were part of a small flock probably roosting in the area whilst on migration. It may not have been Sweden or Iceland, but still nice to hear their song for a change!