Saturday, 7 March 2015

Brents and Chough at the Gann

Did the Gann WEBS today - highlights were two groups of Brents, one of 5 and one of 31 which included one Dark-bellied. In the group of 5, one was colour ringed - Right White U Left Orange/Red 3 - this looks like one of the Irish ringing combinations so I have emailed details to them. Also of note were two Chough feeding on the very short grass on the low lying area which extends into the pools - they were not easily shifted by dog walkers so were obviously finding something good to eat. It is the first time I have ever seen Chough there.
Update: Just heard back from Graham McElwaine - this Brent Goose was ringed in Nov 14 at Strangford Lough as a juvenile but has spent most of the winter (28th Nov - 7th Feb) in France at Incleville Salt Marshes in Normandy. It is now obviously on its way back north.