Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Marloes area

Some nice incidental birding between astonishing gusts of wind over the last few days (Wooltack Point measured 60mph on Sunday morning; I nearly fell over in that one!). There are at least 2 pairs of Buzzards apparently paired up between Marloes Sands and Martin's Haven. Other raptors included a Merlin at Marloes Mere and a huge female Peregrine sitting on a straw bale in the Trehill Farm fields: I got to within 20 metres of her, but could not find any sign of a kill. On the fields themselves there are good numbers of Skylarks, both singing and in widely scattered groups of 4-5, as well as a flock of c.40 Linnets. Yesterday morning there was a flock of 15-20 Golden Plover hunched up in the furrows of one of the ploughed fields by the road. And there are still reasonable numbers of Snipe in the wettest bits of the large field between Martin's Haven and the Mere.