Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ramsey - winter round up

Sorry for being quiet of late. Jan and Feb were interrupted by annual leave but here is a summary of that period (1/1/15-22/1/15 and 20/2/15-28/2/15)

Highlights were a long staying female bullfinch (10/1-19/1), the earliest ever bonxie (11/1) and an adult winter Med gull (16/1). At sea: gannets daily offshore, max count 80 on 2/1, highest guillemot  numbers logged 3164/hr, highest kittiwake numbers 1350/hr, 13 red-throated divers (of which 9 on 1/1), 2 common scoter. From auks that were identifiable at sea no razorbills were logged until 200+ were present under cliffs on 21/1. Fulmars on cliffs most days, only leaving during spells of very rough weather

Lapwing logged daily, max 30 on 19/1, chough present throughout - max flock 12. Only a single curlew (10 years ago it was not uncommon to have 150-200 wintering), a single dunlin following the plough on 18/1 was a surprise! Max snipe numbers were 4 on 16/1. Starlings returned from 16/1 (max 50)

The usual winter residents present throughout plus occasional stonechat and song thrush records. Merlin present for the last few days