Thursday, 16 April 2015

E Mail News

From Tim Lewis - Working on my boat just upstream of Landshipping slipway this morning.
About 10 am heard a racket above and a Red Kite was being harassed by
the pair of Ravens that nest locally. The Kite put up a spirited defence
and the Ravens gave up and the Kite headed over to the north shore and
settled in a field. About an hour later heard a similar racket and this
time the Ravens were harassing an Osprey; the latter thought discretion
the better part of valour and headed quickly upstream.

From Clive Harrison - Walking on Poppit Sands pm yesterday saw two Avocets. Feeding on the sand as the tide was coming in and they flew further up the estuary.

From Robert Griffiths - Thought I would let you now that a Hoopoe was spotted on two separate occasions on our farm - Carn-Nwchwn Farm - in St Davids yesterday (15th April).