Saturday, 23 May 2015

Garden warblers, lesser whitethroat

Two singing male garden warblers (there are probably more) at Little Craig-y-Borion on the NT's Colby Estate. There is a little hotspot for them in the scrubby field downslope from the derelict farmhouse, SN160086, and in either direction along the footpaths that access Little Craig-y-Borion. They are quite active and vocal, surrounded as they are by blackcaps. A red kite was floating about overhead. The lovely oak woodlands in the valley below are well worth exploring. Several footpaths and a bridleway criss-cross the area. Parking at either of the car parks at Colby Woodland Garden.

A lesser whitethroat was singing this afternoon close to the entrance to the Mere Pool Valley, the wooded/dune valley that runs down from the road between Bosherston and Broadhaven South.