Friday, 19 June 2015

Earlier in the week - Tuesday 16th June - Angle peninsula

A walk between Freshwater West and West Angle, looking for fledged choughs produced only one family (3 young just about to fledge) and a nest where the female appeared to still be brooding young. They are most probably very small and if they survive they are unlikely to fledge before mid July.

There was no sign of the usually resident kestrels along this stretch, so presumably they haven't bred successfully here this year? At West Pickard I almost trod on a quail - resting in vegetation near the coast path.

Butterflies were quite numerous along the coast. Earlier in the day I noted what must have been 20+ recently emerged Brown Argus butterflies perching amongst their larval food plant - common storksbill. Not a bird I know but I couldn't resist taking some photos of this rather subtly beautiful butterfly.