Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Chough roost counts: Treginnis to Penberry area and Osprey

Last night (1st Sept) Jane Hodges and ourselves looked for roosting choughs between Treginnis and the Penberi area. At least 17-19 birds were noted to be roosting north of Penberry, which was nice. Here there were also a dozen or so rather scruffy-looking moulting stonechats preparing to roost in the coastal scrub.

A chough watching the sun set before heading off to roost

The unexpected highlight though, seen by Annie, was an osprey trying to fly along the coast, much to the disgust of the local ravens.  One mobbed it continuously until the osprey flew further inland, just south of St Justinian.  The raven flew back to its partner on the cliff top, looking over its shoulder a couple of times to make sure the osprey had got the message. Sadly no photos though as she didn't have the right camera/lens for a picture. Where will this one be today - Nevern estuary, or will it have headed on towards to the Cleddau perhaps?