Monday, 28 September 2015

Sunday email round up

Been away from wifi contact so a few mails below all for Sunday.

From David Meanwell - Manx Shearwater flying around the houses of Broadhaven at 6pm Saturday evening seen in Puffin Way at head height.

From Peter Howe - Early morning at St. Davids head lots of mips about wheatear and 22 Chough, withies were dead quite 1 goldcrest, porthclais was a bit more productive with chiffs and blackcap then turtle dove at the sewerage works, dropped in from St justinians direction, when I left, it was sat with wood pigeons on the tall green cylinders. On my return to Haverfordwest I stopped at the stubble fields just past roach, estimate about 400 linnet and 5 skylark one to watch if your passing.

From Carl & Michelle - Barn owl flying over Roberston Wathan Roundabout.