Thursday, 29 October 2015

Castlemartin Corse

A group visit to inaugurate the new hide (substantially finished, still awaiting some screening).

On the way to it, a bittern made a brief flight over the reeds before dropping back, seen by about half the group. A Cetti's warbler sang briefly, small parties of snipe were constantly on the move. A female marsh harrier put in a brief appearance on the north side of the reedbed (yesterday, she was right in front of the hide - a well-marked female). A buzzard perched on fenceposts on the northern (south facing) slopes - the cattle there seemed to delight in moving it on (yesterday two buzzards, one dark and one pale). Otherwise much as usual - heron, parties of meadow pipits, skylarks, goldfinches, water rail....

Visitors may encounter young dairy cattle which are grazing the fen meadow (the rushy pasture on the south side of the reedbed). These are perfectly safe, just ignore them and walk past. They might show friendly curiosity but nothing worse. You are asked to close gates even if you find one open - there are kissing gates beside every gate now. No dogs allowed.