Saturday, 24 October 2015

Marloes Peninsula

A few hours out this afternoon in the blustery but thankfully dry conditions.  A Firecrest at St. Brides (in the SE corner of the woodland by the entrance to St. Brides Farm) was probably the highlight, although it was gazumped (in site terms) by a Kingfisher (with apologies for the typically Marloes-peninsula-esque photo quality) from the Britton Hide at Marloes Mere where there was also a Chiffchaff (distinctly un-Siberian) and plenty of ducks around, as well as a massive gathering of large gulls (mainly Herring, mainly adults) in a stubble field there.  A Peregrine attempted to take a Starling from a wheeling flock but wasn't successful.  At the Gann the Kestrel showed nicely but little else of note.  Nice to bump into Toby & Olga, and also Derek.