Monday, 23 November 2015


A much quieter day weather wise and a few hundred guillemots were back on their breeding ledges for a few hours this morning, as is fairly customary on such November days. Most were in summer plumage whereas the majority of birds on seawatches at the moment are not indicating they are from further afield. Fulmars were on ledges today too.

Other parts of the UK have seen some spectacular woodpigeon movements of late so it was nice to get in on the act to some small degree with 230 logged heading west. Large flocks of starlings (650 today) and linnets (150) have been making use of our arable plot this autumn/winter.

A long staying chiffchaff is still at Myharan and the first curlew of the month was logged (up to 100 used to winter here on a regular basis 10 years ago). Redwings have increased of late and yesterday 160 fieldfares were noted heading east. A reed bunting in the garden was the first for some time.