Monday, 23 November 2015

Wader colour rings

Thanks to Ed for reporting the colour-ringed oystercatcher and curlew at the Gann. These birds were both ringed at the Gann by Pembs Ringing Group on 03/10/2015 as part of a new long-term study looking at site fidelity/survival of three species of wintering wader within the Cleddau estuary (redshank being the other species). The intention is to build up a sample of at least 100 marked individuals of each species, but we have got off to a slow start due to persistent high winds preventing netting sessions whenever tides have been favourable. The cost of rings and some of the equipment has been funded by a grant from Crown Estate.

The numbered rings always read upwards so these were '06' for the curlew and '01' for the oystercatcher. All individuals of all three species marked in Pembs have a plain orange ring as well as the numbered ring.

Any re-sightings reported are extremely welcome, including repeat sightings of the same individual. If it is reported directly onto this blog then it will be entered onto the data sheets by Pembs RG and there is no need to report it separately.

If there are any re-sightings of birds away from the Cleddau then we will post info here or on Pembs RG blog and put a link here.

Curlew '00' the first bird to be ringed as part of the new study