Sunday, 1 November 2015

Well done Rich!

I guess we all take the internet and the free access we have to bird sightings and news for granted these days.
Not sure how long ago Rich Crossen set up this blog but it has not only set the standard for bird blogs but also caught the imagination of local and visiting birders. I just noticed on the counter at the bottom of the blog was ramping up to 1.3 million views!
This is not his only contribution to blogging, as several  others have been set up by Rich including our Sea Trust, "Whales in Wales" blog which just received an award, its second since Rich set it up for us.
Rich does this all for free without thought for  the recognition he so obviously deserves. This may slightly embarrass him but I for one would just like to thank him for his contribution to birding and wildlife awareness raising here in his adopted county of Pembrokeshire! Nice one Rich!