Friday, 11 December 2015

Harrier - - The Gann

Just had a great sunny afternoon by the Gann salt marsh.  The breeze was creating up-draughts over the hillside with the dead pine trees and many birds were soaring and hunting (possibly even a thermal at one point).
We saw 5 species of birds of prey:
Kestrel (male I think)
Sparrowhawk (passed through, more distant)
Peregrine (soaring, then diving on pigeons in the trees - several attempts - finally went to try the mudflats)
Buzzards (soaring, perching)
A harrier (appeared briefly over the ridge - lighter build, probably hen harrier). About 3pm I think. 
Otherwise the usual suspects, including linnets, greenshanks, redshanks, ravens, peregrine returning, 2 ringed plovers by the shore.
Also a probable jack snipe, flushed by Anne, my wife, from just by her foot.  It was silent except for the sound of wings, and she describes white, chestnut & dark brown at eye level going low over the bank to the lagoon out of sight. I didn't see it myself but must have nearly trodden on it moments before!
(Alan and Anne Hewett)