Sunday, 27 December 2015

Phalarope, Med. Gulls and a Firecrest

I arrived at St Bride's just before 12.00 and was greeted by the stunning Grey Phalarope. It was sitting on the beach but didn't rest long and was soon flying around the bay. Whilst looking for the Phalarope, a Kingfisher darted past me and flew west around the coast.

In addition to Brian's post; a large gull flock in the fields next to the airfield. Mainly Black-heads and Herring Gulls with at least 2 Med Gulls (both adult). Later at the Gann, more gulls on the shore and a further 18 Med. Gulls (15 adults and 3 2nd w).

Another look at St Bride's, the Grey Phalarope still present at 3.00pm but no sign of Brian's Black Redstart.

Lastly, a look at the Chiffchaffs at Monk Haven WTW. About 6 or 7 birds present but all looking very unsiberian. Also present was a smart Firecrest and 3 Goldcrests.