Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ramsey Sound this morning

Yet another blustery day of showers and sunshine was spent watching the sea and coast between St Justinian and Porthlysgi Bay. We almost missed the rainbow that brightened up the coast for a while at Newgale on our way up to St Justinian.

Feeding flocks and pairs of chough continue to be present (probably at least 15-20 birds in total) mainly feeding in the stubble and others in very damp sheep-grazed pastures. Two pairs of ravens were displaying and one was clearly nest-building, so spring can't be so far away!

A couple of divers were in the Sound (not seen very well but probably GN). A merlin hunted along the coast near Porthlysgi Bay, briefly spooking c. a dozen teal and 15 mallard in the cliff-top pool.

Five light-breasted brent geese flew through the Sound at about 12:10 hrs, rising high as they flew more or less directly over Ramsey farmhouse - so definitely a Ramsey Island record for Greg and Lisa to log! They were rising and very distant from the view point near Treginnis farm but a photo was attempted anyway.

Deteriorating sea and wind conditions meant that our observations in the Sound had to abandoned by early afternoon.