Saturday, 30 January 2016

A visit to the the cold, wind-swept N coast

We decided to walk the last unallocated NEWS sectors along the coast between Coch y Ceiliog (nr Fishguard) and Dinas Island and between Newport and Cemaes Head - along some quite long and exhausting sections in a strong and blustery SW wind.

Reasonably rewarding overall though. There were 2 GN Divers off Needle Rock and a fine black-throated diver flew in from the north and landed nearby and commenced feeding. Slightly surprised to see 15 adult cormorants up on the grassy clif-slopes near Needle Rock (just resting/sheltering or is this an increase in the small breeding population here)?

A male Dartford Warbler along the north coast, picked up initially by its alarm call, was nice to see.

Higher up the coast, a few expected pairs of choughs and resident peregrines were in place and there was an impressive haul-out of grey seals near Cemaes Head - at least 109 on a moulting beach with others still joining the group.