Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Castlemartin Corse

Cold and bright at the Corse around midday. On the walk out to the hide two Marsh Harriers were over the reed bed at the same time - the long staying well marked female and the darker imm type. They disappeared up the east end of the Corse and weren't seen again until the well marked bird was back over the reeds as I walked back.

A Merlin was perched on a fence post on the far side of the reed bed for ages eventually flying and re-settling on a bush when a loud explosion from Castlemartin Range put all the birds up briefly. On the north flanks of the Corse there were large numbers of Lapwing (1000+) and Golden Plover (700+). A Kingfisher put in an appearance at the edge of the reeds and there were 60 or so Teal just visible on the reed edges to the right of the hide.

The best was saved 'till last as just as I was debating whether to leave all the Teal got up and an adult male Hen Harrier flew past low over the reeds. Missed the Harrier but got a shot of the Teal! Needless to say the Harrier headed back across to the far side and flew off over the north flank of the Corse putting up some small birds (probably Linnets) as it went.