Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Golden Plover Spectacular

    Hello All.   Having emerged at the first sign of nice weather in a long time, I inveigled Karen to join me and off we went to Puncheston , just in case a Shortie or any other raptor made an appearance.
   A female Kestrel immediately put on a show which lasted all afternoon. We also noticed a continual flow of Starling traffic and a few Fieldfares.
   However, the day was interrupted by a sudden explosion of a flock ( several, in fact ) of Lapwings and Golden Plover above the farm at the top of the hill.  As soon as we realised just how many we were looking at ................ full speed to the top of the hill where a rough count of 3,000 G.plover and 2,000 Lapwing was undertaken.  What a mind-boggling show.  Glistening in the sunshine they stretched in layers above us, first in formation then in a loose cloud;  splitting apart then re-joining going higher and higher. The only sound was Golden Plover calls as we gazed upwards .
   Those stubble fields look very promising!