Sunday, 14 February 2016

Ringed Starling

Somewhat of an obsession this afternoon, after watching it for some time as it came down for the suet pellets, it appeared to be part of a group of four which seemed to have definite pecking order, today they were quite nervous & flighty - they were obviously aware of the Sparrowhawk in the area that made a fly-by appearance through the garden which scattered them. When they again returned they grabbed the food &  legged it I managed the the one quick pic which revealed "091" on the ring, I felt it should be four digits "-091" maybe as the model on Euring suggested.Slightly disappointing really I won`t get another chance until next W/E if it`s still around. Just one point that really suprised me, was one Starling found dead in Sweden was over 22 years old!