Saturday, 19 March 2016


A number of ringed Oystercatchers included 3 with just metal ring right leg and pair birds with a bit more bling. Both with red rings on each leg plus the metal ring. One read A2 the other bird 01. see The Scoter (presumably the bird Rosemary reported on 11th March) was just out from car park, 2 GC grebe, 4 Brent 3 PB and a Dark bellied with metal ring on right leg. 6 Goldeneye. 9 Shelduck. 4 Little egrets. 2 Gannets fishing just offshore. 7 Dunlin. 12 Redshank. 1 Greenshank. 50 Carrion crows. 220 Common gulls. 100 BH gulls. Only 3 Meds (2 2cy and a 3 cy). Peregrine came through the gulls twice as light was going. Barn owl near Hasguards Cross on way home.