Friday, 11 March 2016


It's the season for looking for heron and egret nests.  Although nesting can be prolonged into the summer, most birds at least get started early while there are no leaves on the trees.

Heronries are easily disturbed, but some are visible from footpaths and roads - places where herons are used to seeing people - and are easy to observe.  Where heronries are away from public places, much more care is needed.

There may be only one or two pairs of herons at a site, and maybe not every year, but even these heronries should be recorded.  The largest colonies in Pembrokeshire have reached around 15 nests, but have not been recorded in recent years - contact me directly for locations.

If you have observations of herons and egrets nesting, please enter them onto the BTO database.  There are instructions here (including a how-to video) or send your observations to me for inputting.