Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New pole meets with instant success!

Previously we had a wooden electricity pole in our garden with a metal roof-shaped cap on top. Whilst the wooden pole was popular with woodpeckers, the metal cap succeeded in putting off most perching birds (presumably the intention) with the exception of woodpigeons who seemed to quite like it. Today the pole was replace by a slightly taller and beefier pole with no metal cap, just a sloping top. Within hours a buzzard had taken up station! And then the icing on the cake occurred as "our" swallow arrived from Africa and immediately sat on the new power line and started twittering. I think we shall have to make a "pole" list!
(Incidentally the old metal cap used to provide an unusual drumming site for the woodpeckers - it made an extraordinary noise like shaking dry beans in a can! And the arrival of the buzzard may have something to do with the arrival of baby rats in the garden - see http://pembrokeshirewildlife.blogspot.co.uk/)