Thursday, 14 April 2016

Ten Years

It’s hard to believe but the Pembrokeshire Birds Blog is 10 years old today. Although the Archive goes back to  January 2008 the first 2 years of records were erased and the first posting was on 14 April 2006.

Whilst most bird news is broadcast via the national bird news services and  Twitter these days the blog is still read on a regular basis by a large audience with  daily  hits of around 850 currently.

 As well as giving local and visiting birders information on the common birds in the county we have helped spread the news of some good rarities over the years such as Pacific Diver in 2007, the long staying Squacco Heron in 2010, Semi Palmated Sandpiper, Isabelline Wheatear and Orphean Warbler in 2013 to name just a few.

As ever a big thanks to all those who have helped keep the blog going over the years – Rich Dobbins and Mike Young-Powell who  run the blog with me day to day, local and visiting birders who e mail in their sightings and, of course, the band of local birders who over 10 years have taken the time and trouble to post their sightings and photos so that others can enjoy the birds in Pembrokeshire.